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Dj Felix

Real Name: Shane Beyor

A Dj From Vermont that stylizes in the "Chopped & Screwed" Genre. Started Mixing at age 16 and started Chopped & Screwed at age 18 with partner and co-member of the "Vt Chop Shop", Dj-J-Trey 3000.

Dj Felix credits many of Hip-Hop's finest Mc's as influences ranging from the legend himself Dj Screw to the recently popular Michael "5000" Watts of the Swisha House.

Dj Felix's Credits include: Eminem, Immortal Technique, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Ice Cube, Fatlip, Sticky Fingaz, and Wu-Tang Clan amongst many other underground/mainstream artists.

Although he started Miloworks Ent. with friend Mark Greenia III doing cartoons, he has expanded it to music as well. He has yet to have been released or heard mainstream, he still promotes his singles on the internet and continues to send demos.