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  1. To tear something up like a dog would do.
  2. To insult someone in front of his friends.
  3. To have sex the doggy way. "You don't love me, you just love my doggy style" -- Snoop Doggy Dog (What's My Name [??]).
  4. a form of addressing, not meant to be offensive. "This one here's on tha up, dog" -- Juvenile feat. Hot Boys (A Million and One Things [????])
  5. a friend, "That's my Dog". Road ~: West Coast gangsta for friend.
  6. An ugly person.
  7. Women use this term in regards to a man who don't act right by women. He has sex with a lot of different women at one time without telling the others. Kinda like a literal male dog has sex with as many female dogs as he can, is not faithful to one in particular. A dergogatory term.