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Dubmatique epitomizes the multicultural nature of the French-Canadian hiphop scene. The two original members, Disoul and O.T. - then young teenagers - formed the group in Senegal in 1982, however, Disoul moved to France shortly thereafter. In 1990, O.T., while on vacation in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), ran into Disoul who had moved there a few years earlier. The two threw the idea of getting the group back together, but nothing was formalized until 1992 when the group was introduced to local turntablist DJ Choice.

Since their initial 1996 release, entitled "La force de comprendre", the three have produced four albums and have toured around the world. They have been credited with helping to form the roots of Quebecois hiphop, and have acted as unofficial ambassadors of Francophone Canadian urban music to the world.

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