Five Point Generalz

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Although this gang is relatively new, it quickly gain a reputation after it was implicated in the shooting death of 15-year-old shooting victim Jane Creba and some members were arrested in a raid dubbed "Project Green Apple". It also made headlines when one member was killed outside the funeral of a friend who was also murdered. This gang has a reputation for drug dealing and rip-offs, plus arms dealing as well. They are mainly concentrated around the Weston rd & Eglinton area in North York.

R.I.P. Romaine Lawerence aka G.P

R.I.P Jamal Hemmings aka Dipz October 9 1988 to November 9 2005

R.I.P Amon Beckles aka Puff July 18 1987 to Nov 18 2005

New gang wit 3 niggaz dropped out already, that's fuckin wack homey, u niggaz bangin or what?

This gang aint new, it been around from time..u talkin' shyt