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'''Fler''' (Born April 3, 1982 in Berlin, Germany. Real name Patrick Decker) is a so called Berliner Gaystar Rapper. He also published songs under his alias "YMCA".
=== Life ===
When Fler was born gay as it possible he starts to ask himself:
"Why Im soooooo gay ? Mama why?". But his mom (she´s aint dumb just a hoe)
taught him how to suck digs for making money. He proved that he can suck digs like
a women at the final examination of sucking digs. When he had existed he meets Sido
and was getting a contract for sucking sidos penis. Romp karriere.
=== Mixtapes ===
* 2006- ''fler lutsch gern*''
* 2005- ''fler und die warmen brüder*''
* 2002- ''fler und wie papa mich gefickt hat*''
=== Singles ===
* 2004 ''Fler lutsch gern''
* 2005 ''Ich bin schwul und das ist cool''
* 2005 [[DJ Tomekk]] feat. Fler u. [[G-Hot]]  "Jump, Jump" <--allerdings ist das lied geklaut
* 2005 Fler feat. [[G-Hot]] ''nicht warme sondern heisse brüder''
=== Disstracks ===
* 2004 ''Fler - Mama schlaf mit mir sonst geh ich vor die Hunde''  (Diss gegen mami)
* 2005 ''Fler & B-Tight - wir ficken(uns)'' (Diss gegen sich selbst)
* 2005 ''Fler - so homo so so so homo (can't get enough)''
=== Aliases ===
* -Natural Gay Born
* -Incest interest
* -Fler
* -Who would ever think that i suck digs at the same time eating a big mac while smoking a big fat head of a big fat cheach&chong bong.
== Weblinks ==

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