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Gerrard located in East York is the largest marketing place of Pakistani, Indian Bengali, Arabic, and Afghani.With over 100 shops and restaurants which represent regional diversities of the diverse culture, food, music and products. Gerrard aka G-Street [G-St.], has had many problems with Cops with the Toronto 55 Police Division which is not far from Gerrard. Many older Gerrard BoyZ have come From Mostly Pakistan, Afghan, a few Arabs and the States. G-Street is run by The Gerrard Boyz; you can also find VP-CT BoyZ (Victoria Park/Crescent Town), MFA and also JLA [Jihad Lashkarz] on G-St part of CoNeKtionZ. Gerrard has had conflicts with Rexdale, Markham and Sauga BoyZ, mostly at Melas. No Person(s) can step into Gerrard and start shit. It'll be ova before it even begins