Ghostface Killah

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The best MC in the Wu-Tang family, many think GZA or maybe ODB is the best, but thats wrong. Ghostface was always RZAs favourite in the group and the one he enjoyed producing the most. Method Man once said: "If Ghostface had not been on 36 chambers, I dont think I would sit here talking to you. He pretty much made that album work, with his lyrical genius and brilliant delivery he made it into every song, we just couldn't leave him out, you know? He is my hero really, so I see it as a blessing to have him in my clan. That Ghostface is an Iron Man I tell ya!". Ghostfaces albums have all went platinum in its first few days and thats more than all the other Wu-tang members record sales together, fantastic!

In 2005 he told a reporter that he was gonna stop making music cause of ODBs, his best friend in the world, death. Some may doubt that this is true, but i think we should respect his decisions and if he wanna stop making music, i say: let him.