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For youth culture Japan - "Gangsta" "Killer" "cool" and "cute"- Harajuku, just north of Shibuya, is the number one fashionable, fun, faddish, ridiculous,Gangsta, crazy "crib" to "chill out" look.

There sign is the Peace sign. They are known to shout "Harajuku girls we got that wicked style!"

Harajuku first burst onto the scene in 1964 - the Olympic year. By a gang of Girls who belived in fist fighting and having fun. One Woman who made it known world wide is Mini-mimi, She is the first Queen of Harajuku in Japan she started it out in 1964 with her sisters who along with her made Harajuku girls.

Then as fashion went on from there ideas it went on to the streets.

It seem like I all started on the streets of schools and shopping malls, girls in japan started there own little way of rep'n who they were with a twist in fashion, It all depends on weather the person feels about how they dress.

Don't get the Harajuku way of gangsta wrong, if there is a Harajuku girl that is a Blood then she will dress in a red ,black, or white but she might were it in a crazy kool style and still rep that she is a Blood, but she would be known as a Harajuku Blood, and it gose the same way when it comes to Crips and Latin Kings, Folks, and all of the rest of the other gangs...

harajukumodel.jpg THE ORIGINAL HARAJUKU

The Colors are Rainbow (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Black, White, all the colors you can think of.) Harajuku stands for "Love. Angel. Music. Baby."

To be apart of the Harajuku Gang You must state The Color you Rep, or the Ledder/Queen of the Gang Will give you your color... Most of these Colors have meaning, you are able to mix the color of what makes you, you. EXAMPLE: blue and black could be your color or just Blue. you can only stand to be two colors, it's best that people who claim to be a Harajuku, to explain what there color/colors mean to the ledder and the gang, or they would think other wise, because most colors mean diffent things EXAMPLE:

Blue stands for= "Power like water, water can make it's way through wood, and can Flood the earth, and also destroy iron."

Pink & Black= "Taking the stand for Gays and Lesbians" or"Pink Goths."

Red= "Blood it can be use and bond with people, it can be cry'd and chrish, and it also is a soul that never dieds, it's very important."

Purple= "It should be treated like the best, it means Royalty, a Ruler."

These are just some examples, most Ledders Rep the colors of Blue or Purple or both for the "Power" & Purple for the "Royalty".

Harajukus are known To Cutt A members Wrist in order for a memeber to Get out of the gang and to also beat them up, They sex the girls out and Cutt there wrist.

Harajuku Girls are mostly found on Harajuku Street, There are not only Harajuku girls there are also guys. Harajuku is one of the ultra-cool districts of Tokyo. It’s perhaps most famous for being the hangout spot for some of Tokyo’s wilder Gangs.

They do Street Races and have alot of fun on Sundays, and sunday nights, the streets they hang is mostly around Takeshita Dori Street is opposite the Takeshita Dori Exit of Harajuku Station. Here, shops sell a most extraordinary blend of goods reflecting the Japanese notions of "GANGSTA and wild", "cute", "cool and American" and "rebellious and British". In other words a strange mixture of Hello Kitty, hip-hop and the infamous British punk. [[Image:]][IMG]harajuku4real.jpg[/IMG] Teenagers from all around come to Harajuku dressed in varying degrees of wildness. Some only wear frilly costumes and big platform shoes…others dye their hair and style it in spikey works of art…and the most extreme Harajuku kids complete their look with vibrant make-up and punky attitudes.

-^Harajuku Girlz We got that wicked style! {•.-} MWAH!^-


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