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1)Jewelry 2)Raised in Kingston, Jamaica Ice grew fond of reggae music at a very young age. Once in high school Ice started to compete in lunch time battles where he and fellow class mates would sing the hottest lyrics out at the particular time. This all changed when Ice’s friend, Chippy (a rising reggae singer) started to sing his own lyrics. Ice was then influenced to do the same and started to write his own music. Soon after, he moved to Scarborough, Canada where he found that hip-hop culture was the major influence on the people his age. Trying to adapt to his current situation Ice started to listen to hip-hop and took in parts of the culture which further influenced his music. Creating music with a reggae style and a hip-hop mentality, Ice decided that it was time for him to have a live performance. Somewhat worried of the response he would get from his new found style Ice performed and everyone loved it. With his first major hurdle out of the way Ice started to make songs at a furious pace. Looking to the future, Ice sees his style of reggae as being an unstoppable force and hopes to see future artists adapt to his style. Reppin Mornelle Court. Part of VDR (Vital Dexterity Records)and Beat Squadron