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'''K Pound'''
1. Kaanu Pound, [[PND]], Sri Lanka
2. The Studio where the gu beats aka whack Beats are made and is situated in the city of [[PND]], Owned by Milan (Composer & Director & Male Stripper) and his brother GT(shemale MC, Rapper,). The place where every wanna be thinks their gangstas... K Pound promotes lots of rap/hip-hop/pop bands including [[6th Lane]], [[Doggynation]] & etc...
3. Rappers & MCs from the K Pound :
Fill Todde aka MC dude (2003)
Naugty Dogg aka pissu balla (2004)
Crystal (2004)
Croome (2004)
Deeptha who cant sing at all (2004)
GT aka Guu truck (2004)
G. Flame - Guu flame (2004)

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