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Marvin Aborca Sotelo (Born March 3, 1987) who usually goes by M.A. Sotelo or "Knife" Sotelo, he is better known by Knife, Knifer, or Knifey. He is an American gangster as well as a rapper, producer, occultist, writer, and record executive from East Los Angeles, California. He is also the only rapper of Filipino and Spaniard descent to be labeled under Chicano rap since the genre is mainly rappers of Mexican descent. Although his style is generally considered Chicano rap, his ambiguous ethnicity may have caused him to declaim the genre, preferring to style himself as a "Maravilla rapper" or "Greenlight rapper", in the Philippines he coined his music Chavacano rap since Filipino rap is heterogeneous, encompassing rap in languages such as Tagalog, Chavacano, Spanish and Ilocano, as well as English. Knife is considered by many to be a driving force in bringing back the Gangsta rap scene and is regarded as the first (LaVeyan) Satanic rapper in the world.

Location: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Genre: Gangster Rap Sub-Genre: Chavacano / Chicano Rap


Childhood, Education, and Career

Knife was born and raised in Maravilla, California (now known as East Los Angeles) who initially rose to infamy as a prototypical gangster, a student of philosophy, he quotes and/or refers to LaVey, William James, Nietzsche and especially Margolin. He's a self-proclaimed Satanist who was from the Church of Satan who started doing rap with no intentions of going big whatsoever, in 2005 Knife released a horrorcore-rap style album titled "So Satan" and got the recognition he deserved, Three 6 Mafia helped produce the song "A Spartan In Wake", a controversial track on "So Satan", which originally is a poem (by the same name) by Michael S. Margolin, this was his first album where he was open about being a Satanist, next to "Battle of East Los Angeles" where he tackles Culture, Religion and Politics, "So Satan" was also famous (within the Occult) for the single "Fuck The Rest" which dissed the current administration of the Church of Satan, the sequel "Still Satan" was released late January of 2007.

As a polymath,Knifer is a true Renaissance man. He is proficient in the fields of science, research, observation, biology, religion, evolution, combat, weapons, tactics, police procedure, espionage, murder, subterfuge, blackmail, opportunity, planning, persuasion, and arms dealing, Knife is known to be a good gunner, and the best person to have riding shotgun during a car chase. Knife spent all of his life living in a primarily Maravilla gang neighborhood known as Hoyo Maravilla, although he grew up to become a member of another Maravilla gang. Knife never hid his past though he likes to shroud it all in mystery and keep everyone wondering. Knife's musical style is gangsta rap, marked by his youthful, rough-high pitched voice and his lyrics focusing on gangs, guns, drugs, police, prostitutes, violent acts against enemies, and abundant sexual activity. It's based on a true lifestyle not like those of media propaganda on screen and this East L.A. native is mostly well known for his songs "Draped Up" (his version of the song, originally by Big Pun) which in fact got radio airplay all over California, "Maravillains N Da Hood" an obvious homage to "Boyz N The Hood" by Eazy-E, and "East Los Most Wanted" featuring the late Eazy-E, which in fact was a diss to Brownside's song "Eastside Drama". Knife's best known song is his version of "Greenlight Life" by Crazy Boy which he titled "Greenlighter Life" respectively. Knife started his own label called Adversary Recordings. In 2007 Knife asked permission to use one of Dr. Jack Kevorkian's (aka Dr. Death) artwork for his album entitled "East Los Most Wanted" (released on March 2007). The much controversial drawing has been reproduced internationally in two different editions on hundreds of record albums and compact discs.

Knife's vision was not always shared by most people. His mother was especially critical of the life Knife was leading. Knife wants to live a life, true, realistic, and not a care in the world or as he says "Livin' life to the fullest and not givin' a fuck.", Knife is open about his gang affiliation. While he started getting into the rap scene, he got discovered by Latin Alliance a former rap group that was established by Kid Frost, he wanted to get into the indie label Ruthless Records that Eazy-E founded, but after seeing how far it went to the ground after Eazy-E's death he went elsewhere, Knife got into many indie labels none of which seemed to know exactly what kind of artist they were blessed to have, he made a name for himself in Triumphant Recordings (formerly Triumphant Records due to legal problems) and alongside with his cousin DJ Clueless in forming the foundation of SC Records (later renamed Adversary Recordings) which is also an imprint label for Scrub Records and Beta Records. Knife is of course a significant figure in the development of Chicano rap music during the new millennium (2000), Knife debuted as an artist in 1999, prior to the release of his self-titled album/mixtape also known as "The Black Album", he moved as many as 100,000 units for each independent CD he recorded. He reportedly had a brief affair with pornographic actress Jenna Haze during the Lowrider Supershow in Las Vegas also performing and promoting the album "Greatest Shits." Knife is probably one of the most promising rappers coming straight out of East Los Angeles aside from Kid Frost. Knife isn't a rapper trying to be a gangster, he's a real gangster that turn to rap to make some cash legitimately. As of 2007 Knife has been invited to the Ruthless Family of Brazil to represent what was known as Eazy-E's Ruthless Era...

Out of all the twists in his life, one was his controversial membership with the Church of Satan, Knife is described by Markus Mayer as a "Satanic Buddhist", Knife joined the Church of Satan (formed by Anton Szandor LaVey) in 2005 but differences erupted between the administration ran by Peter Gilmore and he later disbanded. During that same day, in retaliation Knife joined the Sinagogue of Satan (formed by Michael S. Margolin) and is now an Ambassador of the organization. Since then, Knife has been best known as a multifaceted gangster—he's a musician, priest, author, martial artist, doctor, the list goes on and on. His membership to the Sinagogue of Satan did not change in what he believed about Satanism since he still views Satanism based on Anton LaVeys bible and has found no differences between both systems although Michael Margolins Satanism (aka Occult Satanism) comes from Freemasonry which is founded in occult lore. Knife viewed "Satan" symbolically, a symbol of what he believed to be the true God; the human being. Knife was ordained by the Unholy Orthodox Church in 2005 but it has been defunct as of 2006, he later got ordained as a minister by the Sinagogue of Satan through the Universal Life Church, he also holds an honorary Ph. D. in Religion, which was conferred unto him for distinguishing himself through his accomplishments in Religous Studies. Knife was also the impetus behind the development of The Satanic Chapel, he was even the author of "The Satanic Mini Bible" which stays true to "The Satanic Bible" by Anton Szandor LaVey although the book still gets criticized till this day as well as his controversial book "His Story: The True Biography of Anton Szandor LaVey". Knifer’s main areas of interest are the theory of knowledge, metaphysics, and philosophical logic. He brings these subjects together in an attempt to define the relationship between mind and universe, and in so doing he is challenging the ideas of philosophical scepticism. His arguments are elucidated in a number of publications, including "The Satanic Mini Bible", "The Satanistic Bible", "The Book of Mani", and "The Philosophy of the Free". Knife uses philosophical logic to counter the arguments of the sceptic, thereby shedding light on the traditional ideas of the realism debate and developing associated views on truth and meaning. His ideas are described in the later chapters of "The Unholy Bible", and advanced in a series of papers including an explanation of "The Nine Satanic Statements" from the Satanic Bible. In these publications he puts forward the idea that we should consider realism as a primarily epistemological—rather than a metaphysical or a semantic—concept on the relations between mind and universe. While not a voluminous writer and original thinker, Knife did his literary work with an exemplary accuracy of detail and in perfect sympathy with his subject. To his numerous disciples he was a kind friend and adviser. In his religious attitude he was strictly nihilisitic, a true disciple of Michael S. Margolin; and he is at the same time broad-minded and tolerant of the opinions of others.

Knife has even produced music for other musicians and has also produced independent films such as Sense Offense and Wager starring Thomas Debney and Stan Abraham, he was also the Martial Arts Coordinator for the film, he was uncredited for his work on the bullet-time scene in the film. He even produces music for a wide-range of artists that are not in the rap genre. With over hundreds of records sold, he is regarded as a pioneer to Alternative rap music (before Linkin Park, Slipknot, and Three 6 Mafia), although Knife considers Kid Rock to be the true pioneer in the genre, he merely considers himself to be a crusader.

Due to his increasing visibility through his books and music, Knife was the subject of numerous articles in the news media throughout the world, including popular magazines such as Gutta World, High Times, and TIME, and online magazines as well like MadeMusic. He was also set to appear on the talk show "Too Late with Adam Carolla" on the subject of the Occult/Satanism but instead gave the spot to his good friend Michael Margolin. He has also appeared in other magazines such as Lowrider Magazine, Street Latin Magazine, and Street Low Magazine, among others... In an article in Street Low Magazine, Knife claims to have a criminal record. According to him, he runs with the High Times Stoners street gang of the Maravilla Projects in East Los Angeles. Knife gained much notoriety in his lifetime, and he famously dubbed himself "The Worlds Most Dangerous Man."

Over the years, Knife brought in a number of notable people who were also allies and/or associates at one point or another, he has even met people like Stanton LaVey (Anton LaVeys grandson), Lil Eazy-E, Margo Harshman, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Markus Mayer, DJ Lady Tribe, and Marilyn Manson.

Other interests and accomplishments were wide-ranging—he is a doctor, author, producer, philosopher, hedonist, scientist, mercenary, musician, drug experimenter, social critic and a much more. He is perhaps best known today for his occult writings, especially The Satanic Mini Bible, the central text of the Satanic Chapel.


Albums (Studio)

  • East Los Most Wanted - (2007)
  • Still Satan - (2007)
  • Marvelous City - (2006)
  • Brown and Proud - (2006)
  • Battle of East Los Angeles - (2006)
  • So Satan - (2005)
  • The Black Album [Re-edited] - (2005)


  • The Statements [Single] - (2007)
  • Fuck Love Revisited [Single] - (2007)
  • Rest In Peace (Remix) [Single] - (2007)
  • High Times - [EP] (2005)
  • A Maravilla Extra [EP] - (2004)


  • East Los Most Wanted (Demo) - (2006)
  • The Double Black Album (Demo) - (2006)
  • Greatest Shits (Live Promo CD) - (2006)

Material on compilations

  • We Want Eazy [Mixtape] - (2007)
  • Livin' Eternal-E [Mixtape] - (2007) (Ruthless edition)
  • Wager (Soundtrack) - (2005)
  • Anthology - (2002)
  • 1999 [Compilation] - (1999)


  • Unreleased Demos [MySpace Downloads / LP] - (2007)
  • Greatest Shits - (2006)
  • The Double Black Album - (2006)
  • The Black Album - [Self-released] (2004)
  • The Covers - [Demo Tape] - (2000)

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  • He hates the name, Marvin, and wouldn't allow anyone to call him that to his face if he didn't know you. [1]
  • Knife is a former member of the Church of Satan. [2]
  • Knife is a gang member of the High Times Maravilla gang in East Los Angeles. [3]

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