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Knightsbridge aka KB aka Kingsbridge, is the worst and most violent place in Brampton.

No body disrespect de base zeen u dont know de niggas that live here anybody that says its soft obviously hasnt lived here long enough probably here in the morning or on the white side aka not 4 3 11 5 or 10 if ur anywhere eles maybe u can say sumthin zeen --KB STAND UP


yess nigga keep talkin shit, see if we dont burry your ass

wtf yo stfu man knightsbridge iz sick man i luv tht place and giv respect cuz i grew up there u fagget stfu manu dont know shit u went threw there with a car fgget

fuh real tho..knightsbridge aint da place to play games..niggaz will ruff yu up...especially dem fake ass indian manz rollin chru likk dey hard...i gotta shout out to my nigga styll...TJ watch yourself bruhh niggaz gon storm up in ur crib soon...n watch out for d Knightsbridge DVD styll

fuk ya'll brampton niggaz its all bout da hoods like-- rexdale , north york ( jnf,ssjs,ghostown,jamestown,stovetop,flemo park, falstaff , treteway nd lots more 2 come ne of dose hoods can eat u pussy's alive nd ya'll r like dixon but u have more building. u guys have about 10 buildings yet u guys r sooooooooo soft like get at our level bout dis hood is hard stop frontin like it is FUCKKKKKKK

iight nigga u crazy..obviously them mega city hoods u juss mentioned will smash us..buh for a surburb hood..we doin it ease on dem talks