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LTTE's Military Capability

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam generally do not publicly release the strength and capability of their army. However based on information that has been released by the LTTE, the breakaway Karuna para-military group, and the government of Sri Lanka the strength of the LTTE can be estimated as follows. has done extensive research to gather information based on Eelam War I, Eelam War II and Eelam War III.

By far the largest percentage of the LTTE weaponry has come from international procurement on the arms black market. The LTTE has eleven freighters, which procure weapons and supplies for the organization. Arms are purchased from arms dealers from Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Slovakia and the Ukraine. The LTTE still purchases from traditional small arms dealers in Cyprus, Hong Kong, Lebanon and Singapore.

The rest of the weaponry came from the Sri Lankan government. These are weapons that were captured from the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. The LTTE still has some of the older weapons that were provided to the organization by India during when Indira Gandhi was prime minister.

The LTTE infantry consists of approximately 8,700 military cadres. It also has a force of 15,000 non-combatant and auxiliary cadres called the Eelapadai Civilian Militia. The main force of 8,700 military cadres consist of 4,500 Regular Infantry. This includes the Air Tigers and Eelam Police and Military Administrators. 2,000 Elite Infantry consisting of the Victor Anti-Armour Regiment, Charles Anthony Brigade, and Leopard Commandos. 2,000 Sea Tigers and 200 Black Tigers. The Black Tigers are members of infantry units or navy units who have volunteered for suicide missions. They serve as members of their regular units until called upon.

Infantry 15,000 Eelapadai Civilian Militia Non-combatants / Auxiliaries 4,500 Regular Infantry Including Air Tigers, Police, Administration 2,000 Elite Infantry Victor Anti-armour Regiment, Charles Anthony Brigade, Leopard Commandos 2,000 Sea Tigers Naval Unit

Most members of the LTTE are Sri Lankan Tamils. There is however some members of the LTTE who are not Sri Lankan Tamils. There are 200 Indian Tamils, 100 South African Tamils and 50 Sinhalese. Most of them are incorporated into the regular infantry of the LTTE. However some of the Sinhalese members of the LTTE are in artillery, and espionage operations. Though from varying nationalities, these soldiers are deployed in Sri Lanka. The LTTE deploys less than 10 cadres outside the island, mostly in India and Thailand, for the procurement of weapons and supplies.

LTTE Army Equipment 9 T-55 Main Battle Tank Includes 1 Radar-Guided Unit 18 Armored Personnel Carrier / Infantry Fighting Vehicle Light Includes BMP, Unicorn Mk.VI, Buffel Units 12 Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher Mostly 107mm Katyusha Units, Possibly 1 127mm Unit) 8 Bulldozer Some Modified into AFV's 50 Truck/Bus 3 152mm Artillery 3 130/133mm Artillery 10 122mm Artillery 1 85mm Artillery 19 120mm Mortar 31 81mm Mortar Includes Self-propelled Units 62 60mm Mortar 94 40mm Grenade Launcher 6 50mm Cannon 1 25mm Cannon 2 23mm Cannon 2 Flame Thrower 100 Night Vision Goggle 300 High-Frequency Radio Transmitter 600 Walkie-Talkie 434 RPG Launcher 15,000 Assault Rifle 9,000 Hand Grenade 10,000 Land-Mine 8,000 152mm Artillery Shell 5,000 LTTE Battle Fatigue Uniform

The LTTE is currently believed to have the capacity to manufacture at least four types of maritime attack craft-all of which have been built from war-related equipment purchased in the West and Asia.

Sea Tigers Equipment 1 Midget-Sub Unconventional Indigenous Design/Construction with Sonar 11 Naval Freighter Most Equipped with Latest Radar and Inmarsat Communication Technology 3 Dvora FAC 4 High-Speed Water Jet FAC 6 Mirage Class Boat 8 Stealth Boat 2-Seater 500 Fibreglass Boat 50 Frogman Kit 5 Air Compressor 5 Underwater Scooter 2 Human Torpedo Unit Indigenous Design with Independent Propulsion

Models of Sea Tigers Crafts Muraj A 10 crew, 45 knot, petrol engine vessel equipped with 3 machine guns (2 x 23mm) and used for attacks against naval craft and for landing. Possibly equipped with as many as 4 outboard motors (unverified reports). Surface search radars are being standardized on some "blue water" versions. Also equipped with portable SAM unit. Said to be large (enough cargo capacity to carry ~12 petrol barrels). It is also faster than the Israeli Super Dvora Mk.II boats (though much less sophisticated in terms of range/electronics) of the same class employed by the Sri Lankan Navy. Prompting the latter to purchase missile armed warships. Thrikka A 4 crew, 45 knot, petrol engine vessel equipped with 1 machine gun and normally used by frogmen for debussing. Sudai A 6 crew, 10 knot, petrol engine vessel equipped with 1 machine gun and used for attacks against naval craft. Idayan A 2 crew, 45 knot fast attack vessel that can also be converted for suicide operations. With 200 horsepower outboard engines. Unknown Name A 2 crew stealth boat resembling a stealth fighter, possibly armour plated, light-weight and capable of travelling at approximately 35 knots. First seen in LTTE video footage. Used effectively in Trincomalee harbour attack in late 2000.

LTTE Air Force Equipment 2 Helicopter R44 Astro/Clipper Model and Possibly Bell 212/414 1 Mini-Helicopter 2 Light Plane Includes 1 Single-Seater Sports Plane 5 Microlight French Commercial Design 2 Ultralight Invisible to Radar 8 AA Machine Gun 4 SA-7 SAM 2 SA-14 SAM 4 Stinger SAM

Miscellaneous Equipment

LTTE equipment/capabilities that cannot be accurately tallied: Night Vision Equipment Satellite Communication Equipment Mobile Road-Building Equipment Anti-Tank Wire Guided Missile Launchers Bangalore Torpedoes for Mine-Field Clearing Surface-Search Coastal Radar Facilit(ies) Underwater Decompression Unit(s) Indigenously Developed Cypher-Code for Communications Dedicated Tow-Vehicles Including "Iron-Horses"for Heavy Artillery Pieces and most 120mm Field Guns At Least 1 Midget-Submarine (2 have been destroyed, another one was captured half-complete, capable of holding 2-3 people for mine-laying, underwater sabotage, commando raids) of "indigenous" design Large Multi-Purpose Speedboats (both outboard & water jet propulsion) some with Sonars, GPS, Radars, Cannons Range Rovers Long-Range (Trans-Oceanic) Sea Lift Capability (All Sea-Lift Transports are escorted by Fast Attack Crafts) Some Frontline Units, since mid-2000, have been seen with Bullet-Proof Vests. GPS Receivers/Navigational Aids integrated into Tactics Karl Gustav 84mm Rocket Launchers Indigenous Short Range Missiles: The Pasilan 2000, a sophisticated weapon that is capable of carrying a 25kg gelignite warhead over a distance of 1km