Lawrence Heights

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Lawrence Heights is a geared to income community located in a section of North York known as Downsview in Toronto, Canada roughly bounded by Bathurst street to the east, Lawrence avenue to the south, and highway 401 to the north. This community is conveniently tucked away behind upper-middle class houses, far removed from all main roads.Lawrence Heights is often referred to as the "Jungle" by residents and police alike, which is in reference to the levels of crime within the maze of affordable housing projects (although some believe the structual design of the community gave it its nickname as well). Demographically, the area consists largely of immigrants from the Caribbean and East Africa, but there are also small pockets of Europeans. The area has been rocked with years of gun and gang violence tainting its public image. Lawrence Heights is regarded as territory to 1 of Toronto's many Bloods sets. Built from 1955-59, Lawrence Heights is actually the second oldest housing project in Toronto (after Regent Park).


Man Shot In Lawrence Heights

Cops Shot At While Investigating Another Murder In Lawrence Heights

Massive Lawrence Heights Overhaul Planned

"Jungle Niggaz got Banana clipz that rapide Spit"-Mayhem Morearty