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  1. Term used for local person. "But loc as you reminiscin' you know they still around" -- Bloods & Crips (Wish You Were Here) [1].
  2. Crazy one, from the Spanish "loco", often used for friends or locals in a positive way. "Don't you know I'm loco?" -- Cypress Hill (Insane in the brain [1993])
  3. Lock or locks, as in Jheri-curls, but always pronounced with the long o as in "go".
  4. To "go loc" means to get ready for a drive-by or to shoot someone. This means putting on dark glasses, skullies, caps and generally getting hard to identify.
  5. To get high. "Ain't nobody Loc'n?" -- Dr. Dre (Bad Intentions)

loc- love of crip

  1. OG Loc: rapper in GTA San Andreas
  2. Frederick Hoste, Ongarijstraat te Gottem