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"vogues" pretty sure its just rims but wanted to make sure

  • [[spoke coke] "that I's the nigga whose spoke coke can be the man" by Tupac "Ratha Be Ya Nigga"

(feat. Richie Rich)

  • Psychopathic Records - One of the underground's most successfull labels, with almost no radioplay. Founded in the 90's in Delray, Detroit MI by the Insane Clown Posse, Rob Bruce (aka: Jumpsteady), and Alex Abyss. Started with only the ICP, Psychopathic is now also the home of Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Anybody Killa, and the Godfather of Wicked Shit, Esham. They have an annual 3-day festival and a true hardcore fanbase, called the Juggalo's. Psychopathic is the label that runs beneath the streets.
  • Ferghaizy- it sounds like an insult to me, what's G-unit saying?

Kameleon - A rapper from North Carolina that is in the group Aiders. He has an album called "Desert Eagle" coming in late 2005 hopefully. Check it kids, he blowin up big soon. A.K.A. "Big K", "Komodo", "Kaos", "Apokalypz", and "Lizard-Man"...

  • Poppin' Tags - Like when Juelz Santana says I can pop songs, just like I pop tags... and Jay-Z's song on the Blueprint 2... Poppin' Tags... what does this mean?
  • Turf - the place ( neighboorhood , your block ) you claim
  • Tippin'rolling or cruising on four vogs wraped in four bow pimping four hoes while i'm packing 44
  • Bopper - a young ass fake ass lil` kid thats trying to be big bad & bold.. always trying to kick it wid da older foo`z when they know if some shit was gunna go down they would be hella scared.
  • Peg-City - Winnipeg , Manitoba AKA Squa Mecca AKA Muddy wata's .
  • Feel - when you understand what they are trying to say and what they mean.. you feel the truth in what dey are saying..
  • What does B mean? Like when a guy says wat up B? Or how u doin B? [It means homie and it was derived from gang slang. Bloods would use it as well as Crips in the early 90s but the term itself has taken on a new meaning to be more inclusive]
  • blown besides being high it also can be used to mean exposing. "the spot was blown when that snitch ass nigga Chauncey dropped the dime on Kain and O-Dog."
  • (the word SK (pronounced eskay)) We moving it from coast to coast, movin keys to keys, east and west, sks tropics and sex, money over bitches fam keep ya mind set...
  • "Though I don't know why I chose to smoke sess I guess that's the time when I'm not depressed" -"C.R.E.A.M." by Wu-tang Clan (Inspectah Deck)
  • buck 50? "Sharp as a buck 50, doin my dance, and honey mad cause she can't keep up with me." Jadakiss ("Family Affair Remix) <-- buck 50 is a razor blade, it used to cost $1.50 going 150mph while driving
  • What does "G" stand for as in "what up g" -- a shorter way of saying gangsta..
  • DMX says something ,sounds like "dog, thats my mantinum" in intro from its dark and hell is hot (or it could be mans and them?)what does it mean?
  • "Can i get more thrills?" -- Snoop Dogg and wot does lets get BLOWN mean ?? ( the same song snoop dogg )
  • What does HOVA actually mean? Jay-Z calls himself it all the time but why? think... Jay-Hova (a pun used after a specific 2pac song "Against all Odds") *damn i should be running this website*
  • Nolia ?- magN0LIA Projects where they grew up in
  • TECH N9NE DEFINITION: \TECH N9NE: \tek niiiine\ noun: unparalleled master of rhyme; scientific blend of technique and numerology: nine is the number of completion--nine months of pregnancy, nine lives, 360º (a complete rotation, [3+6+0=9]); (second definition) the completeness is not 'finished' but 'mastered,' the technique is complete heat (a tek 9 is a gun)
  • whats "tippin' them fofo's" mean? It's in that song still tippin by mike jones
  • snub its in 50 cents song disco inferno, the reference is "im in the club with the snub" (a snub is a gun)
  • Bezzle/Bezel T.I. in the song bezzle, says "she saw my drop top like the bezzle in my watch". What does this mean
  • I'm surprised to find that your missing a very influential group, Atmosphere. They consist of rapper Slug and the DJ Ant.
  • What does Nolia Clap mean? -- you know how the crips got a crip walk.. people who was raised in the magnolia projects got their N0LIA CLAP.. its another way to represent where they from..
  • What does it mean to open up shop or set up shop? does it mean getting a drug business started? yup
  • I am very disappointed with this site. There is no mention about Malcolm McLaren. Neither in Artists list nor in Search pages. He mentioned WHBI in the album Buffalo Gals - Back to skool, but there is nothing about him in this site. He is the root o rap and hip hop. But he will be back soon at Thanks God. -- shut yo ass up
  • fully blown and slim change?-"I aint frontin i want my pockets green like slim change... With no trace of AIDS we keep our pockets fully blown..." Bring it on - Reasonable doubt
  • What's "P.L.O. style"? you see it in Wu-Tang videos and Method Man mentions it in his lyrics a couple times [(palestinian liberation organization) in other words, damn the man]
  • What does iahp mean? The Pharcyde uses it quite a lot. (I know that it means a woman, but why?)
  • What's belling???? Like WC song Im Bellin
  • grinding fucking .. sex .. all that nasty nasty..
  • brezze: a female that's fine as hell. "I'm looking for a brezze."
  • K.T. {aka. KnowTruth}, anyone know his real name?
  • What does breather life mean? the x no limit artist krazy his album was called so. " i represent for my breathers till the day i die " -thugged out----KRAZY
  • What does Lenny Kravitz (not a rapper, I know) mean by "165'er", and why would cabdrivers think that was a bad thing to be?
  • In da sentence like "I got thoze filthy shoez", wut doez "filthy" mean??? -- like dem koo ass shoes.. or i got dem damn shoes..
  • Can you define the "BOLD" - brave , aint scared of nobodie.. always ready to take off
  • yo wht this mean marnagey(tois) or whateva...!buckshot sed summin like that on flex mixtape vol 3 ft q-tip! (ménage-a-trois? That's French for a threesome)
  • plus yo wht PNC'S mean...cocoa brovaz...keep using it in mos'o they joints
  • What does thrills in "can I get more thrills?" --> Let`s get blown--> Snoop Dogg*
  • emceemikkal: 15 year old chicagoland based emcee, specializes in lyricism/political rap. influences from The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Jamiroquai, Nas, Jurassic 5, Eric B. and Rakim, Immortal Technique, Jedi Mind Tricks. Some work of his can be found on [], his own personal blog.
  • What does "shottas" Mean Juelz Santana - "We blow jars of the dank, like Bob Marley was wake

Real shottas, f*** ya foreigners think" Song - More Gangsta Music [shottas was a Jamaican movie with Spragga Benz (see the bob marley link?) about gangstas, Santana says he is a real gangsta.]

  • what does "hard body" mean in - Juelz Santana - Crunk Musik - "this here hard body, with this here long shotty is gonna make shit hear all sloppy" [he is talking about a gun]
  • what does "worday" mean?? Lil' romeo - "It's like that worday." [whoa-day means homie, pal, friend, chum, etc.]
  • what about claats (as in Robbin' motherfuckers then I kill dem blood claats by Snoop Dogg in Who Am I?). [blood clat is spelt bloodclot and is the rasta equivalent to mothaf*cka]
  • Squalie? Juelez Santana, Squalie "all my niggaz on the block is pumpin, i thinks the cops is comin SQAULIE!!" [squalie is the cops, the pigs, 5-0, 1-time, dem peoples, dem boys]
  • "Nigga's be getting them whoops"?
  • whats cakalaka/ whats south carolina in slang [both carolinas are one cakalakee]
  • yo check this out, i need some help. i´ve heard a word in a song on a radio station and i am not sure who the artist or the title of the song. Word : tricking out. quote : " im no trick and i aint tricken out no bitch that i aint gunna fuck " -- that means he aint gunna go out wid no female and dress her up and all that unless he get some
  • On The Dead Prez mixtape, theres a track called 'Real Black Girl: Revolutionary Love'...near the end theres a bar that goes "she can blow a lil weed but no C.I's (or sea eyes??)"....what does C.I's, or sea eyes mean?
  • What is exactly basic thuganomics or the dr.of thuganomics?

WWE wrestler John Cena called himself as the dr of thuganomics...and in his theme song there is a word called Basic Thuganomics?What is thuganomics??

  • yo meaning of PNC's
  • army fatigues

"a nigga wit a liquor" - blackman rap too fast - Dr Syah

Yo wats 1 stand fo usually said when ur leavin?? at the end of "Girls" video-Cam'ron guy uses his finger to symbolize it.

  • gulley??
  • K-Os, Exit (2003), Track 6 (Freeze):

"so i roll right up in the cypher and say 'yo'" I found that word also in other songs, but i just don't get what it means