Malvern Crew

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Active since the mid 90's, the Malvern Crew is a violent but highly organized street gang based in the Malvern community of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Members of the Malvern Crew engaged in a variety of crimes including break and enters, arms trade, drug trafficking and fraud.

In May 2004, "Project Impact" severly damaged the hierarchy of this gang with sweeps across Southern Ontario. Over 600 charges were laid against 65 members of the Malvern Crew, and a number of guns, drugs and money were seized. Because of the arrests, the gang has effectively been dismantled, according to police.

The Malvern area of Scarborough has been plagued by gun violence for decades. Juice Mob and Byrd Gang are believed to be sub-groups of the Malvern Crew. Their main rivals are the Galloway Boys.


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