Mayfair Park Gangsta Bloods

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The Mayfair Park Gangsta Bloods (MPGB) also known as the M Gang, are an active African-American blood gang, located on the West Side of Lakewood, California. Mayfair Park Gangsta Bloods share parts of their neighborhood with the Samoan Army Piru Gang, with family ties to the Murda Ville Bloods. Their neighborhood spread from Lakewood Boulevard to Bellflower Blvd, between South Street and Candlewood St, which is considered the heart of their territory. Members are known to sport Markisa, baseball fitted caps for the large logo letter "M" to represent the Mayfair Park Gangsta Bloods. Mayfair Park Gangsta Bloods main cliques consist of Head Bussas and Lot Boyz along with the Avenues. Their closest allies are the Murda Ville Bloods and Samoan Army Pirus. Main rivals include the Bloomfield Park Pirus, Dark Side Junior Mafia Gangsta Bloods, East Side Junior Mafia Crips, East Side Varrio Costa Mesa 13, East Side Palms Park Bloods, Lakewood Family Bloods, LA Palms Park Bloods, Pasadena North Side Junior Mafia Crips, Santa Fe Mafia Crips, South Side Junior Mafia Crips, Straight Bloods Society, West Side Junior Mafia Crips 17th St and the West Side Varrio Costa Mesa 13.


Deceased members

  • O/G Slep Rock, 1985
  • O/G Red Eyes, 1994
  • O/G Gangsta Kricket, 2007
  • Y/G Mookie, 2008
  • O/G Evil Al, 2010
  • Y/G J-Walk, 2012


Do to the injunction. They don't pose a threat or have any relevance in the Lakewood area.