McCowan and Finch

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mostly tamils and a few niggaz running around claiming blood. niggaz frum nuff ways go to skool in de area, block is comen up styll

B'z up bytches

iight yall kill me theres no such ting as a hood comin up it either they are a grimey block or ur nutin seen fuk a bklood iight cz up don millz and finch niggah blue rag frum top to bottom

shits mostly cuz everyone left or got arrested or w/e the fuck n its comen back, big tings don't really gwan accept haze and robbings

Don't fuck with the tamils yo ... 150 thousand strong in the dot ... holding the block down yih ... blacks ain't runnin shit long as Lankees be in the hood

FUCK TAMILS, smelly fuqs, tamils will NEVER haf burners like niggaz do, i dunt care if dere r a billion of u fags, ive never heard of a tamil cappin no wun

That corner ain't even old enough to have turfs. It got beutiful condos and shit...da fuk is so hood bout that?

Dumbass Nigger tamils are not stupid like niggers to get caught by the popo or let anyone find out thats y u dun hear about tamilz cappin ny 1 u dumb fuckin nigger or whiteboy

Straight up, this is from a black father who lives in scarborough, and he is not targetting tamils, but you know that he is, {talking to his son)

 Now Jordan, be very careful out there, there are a bunch of cowards, they fight 10 on 1, they don't fight fair, they are damn cowards so becareful

So daym true right? Yall stupid tamils wouldn't be hated on so much if you would stop calling other tamils "niggah" and trying to be black, and stop being so fucking stupid, walking into school everyday, high as heaven, shit it digusts me, you guys have no dignity, you guys are too stupid ---SO TRUE INDEED, NOW HOW DO WE CATEGORISE PUSSIES RUNNIN AROUND WITH GUNS?? HOW ABOUT THE CHUMPS SHOOTING INNOCENT BYSTANDERS ON BUSY STREETS AND BDAY PARTIES OR HOW ABOUT IN SCHOOLS??..WHAT TO DO HUH..!! ONE MUST BE REAL BRAVE TO PULL A TRIGGER. ESP..WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED..LOL..GTFOH.