Miltary Minds

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A tamil gang in the Knl area..

No wonder no one ever heard of ya'll...your tamils?? Str8 PUNKS!!

"do something to us cause talk goes threw us"

whose this bees up bitcc? talking like hesa certified gangsta..your fake as fucc. If you want beef we gotit; if you got beef we'll bring the heat and broil you at 360..bitcc. seriouslly if you want it with us come see us and we'll deal with it like men. Forget this internet bunch of wanabees..leave the czz and bees for the real niggaz down south.

Honestly we dont want your recognition bitcc our creds are built on making money, drive nice cars, dress the fliest, tapin all your bitches and all the other things you wannabee. nigga just because we got it dont hate FAGS GOT NOTHING ON US.