Mount Olive

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Mount Olive aka M.O.

Soft hood on Kipling Ave, just north of Finch Ave, in Rexdale, Etobicoke, Toronto. If you're a Blood, it's in your best interest not to venture here because M.O. is filled with nothing but Crips.


Mount Olive Crips (M.O.C.) etc.

Mount Olive CRps Cuhz...All my Doomstown Niggas Stand the Fuck up...FUCK ALL YOU ARDWICK BKLOOD CREW NIGGAS, fake ass wannabe's if i see you punk mutha fuckas...I'm Poppin you the fuck off!

you that nigga cheesehead is going get sprayed with the choppa he better get some life insurance 

Mount Olive niggas need stop riding jamestown dick FUCK YOU PUNK ASS PUSSY ASS krabs bzzzzzzzz's tha fuck up

dont fuck with these nigga's the last nigga's that fucked around with these krabs got in church and on a side walk.these nigga's always have taken krabin very seriouly. BUT DONT forget CERTAIN MAN DEM are going to it

Wait a minute....i'm confused, is Cheesehead from Mount Olive or is he from Driftwood????? That pussyhole is from Mount olive

Cheesehead from Mount Olive Cuz...A yo ya man dem need to stop talkin for they get they hood blown to bits...nuf talkin bout shit ya dun kno about...Mount Olive Crip to the fulles Cuz...oh ya Fucc Akrdwick Slobkz!!!!

Certain man dem better not slip the other day i went Mount olive to pump shots at bicth ass krabs but no one was there. My hood is going to get blown to bits ya right niggas from every spot shoot up Mount olive last november 5pg man dem bake shots at bicth ass krabs and grime your soft ass niggas but dont worry Cheesehead head is going to be looking like swiss cheese just now and any bitch ass niggas who are with him are going to get it to so Fuck mount olive bicth ass krabs. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tha fuck up nigga

                                                            5 point Generalz Own Mount OLIVE Where your bitch ass nigga cheesehead that pussy dipped is no where to be found.Hiding from 5PGS Manz.We just to Greezy 

Mount olive niggas roll bicth u niggas come up in a funneral home talking shit about pussy hole ya dead the only real pussy holes are you faggots you guys came when ther was like 30 boi where there you would not have came around there if there boi was not there are you faggots would not have made out alive i had big ting on me i waiting test out

straiight guudz dun fuck witt Mount Olive...we will dust u niggaz especially dem SOFT ardwick manz