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The North End is a large area located to the north and northwest of Downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It is bordered by the Red River on the east, the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) mainline on the south, the City of Winnipeg boundary (Brookside Boulevard) on the west and Jefferson Avenue, Keewatin Street, Carruthers Avenue, McGregor Street and the lane between McAdam and Smithfield Avenues on the north. It is the northern section of the City of Winnipeg as it existed prior to Unicity in 1972. Winnipeg's northern suburbs such as West Kildonan and Old Kildonan are not considered part of the North End.


The CPR mainline and its Winnipeg yards, which are one of the largest railway yards in the world, act as a physical barrier between the North End and the rest of Winnipeg. This has resulted in the North End remaining a very distinct and unique part of Winnipeg. The areas to the east of McPhillips Street are considered the "Old North End", and were developed in the late 19th century and early 20th century, while the areas to the west were generally developed in the 1940s and later. The area is primarily residential, though there is some light industrial development in Inkster Industrial Parkand adjacent to Oak Point Highway and Brookside Boulevard. The area has always been very ethnically diverse. Historically it was home to large German, Ukrainian, Polish and Jewish communities in addition to the population with British Isles origins, though all of these groups are much less predominant now. Visible minorities comprise 29.0% of the total population and Aboriginal peoples 22.9%.


By the 1910s the area was heavily developed and had a large population of immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe. The area was known for its high incidences of extreme poverty and relatively high prevalence of diseases such as typhoid fever and cholera. The area has long been acknowledged as the most socially deprived part of the city of Winnipeg. Parts of the area, especially east of McPhillips Street and south of Mountain Avenue are marked by high drug use and its associated crime and gang violence. Since the 1980s, attempts to revitalize parts of the North End have been made with limited success. Serious concerns include crime, poverty, the deteriorating housing stock in the older parts of the area as well as street gangs which inhabit the area; the most prominent of which being the Indian Posse, Manitoba Warriors, Native Syndicate, Most Organized Brothers and the CENTRAL gang.


Gunshots Hit Winnipeg Home

Boy, 15, Charged With Violent Crime Spree

Man Dead, 4 Arrested After Winnipeg Rampage

Shooting Victim, 16, Unco-Operative With Police

1 Dead, 3 Injured in 4 Shootings in Winnipeg's North End



The most highley gang population area in winnipeg with the well known gang MOB and rivil gang Indain Posse.