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Ottawa a.k.a. O.T. is the capital of Canada and the country's fourth largest city, as well as the second largest city in the province of Ontario. In 2005 the population of Ottawa was estimated at 859,704, while the population of the larger Census Metropolitan Area was estimated at 1,148,785.

Rappers and Rap Groups

Belly, Captain Sassy, Deleted Unobtainium, DL Incognito, Harvey's Crew, Massari, Organized Rhyme, Wrexxal


Vanier, Lower Town (LT), Ledbury Rd(LB), Sandy Hill (SH), (Double B-Britannia BloCK) Richie Rd, Pennie Dr, Ramzy Rd, (D block) doorchester St, debrah St, (H-Block) hooper, (H-Block) Hetherington Cres, Fairley Cres, (Double R) Russell Rd, (CC) CedarWood Dr, Baycrest dr, sandlewood cres, (C-Block)Caudwell st, Summerville,Overbrook (O.B.), Wallick st


LedBury Cripz (LBC), Cedarwood Cripz, Baycrest crips & Sandlewood crips (CC), Hetherington crips & Fairley Cripz (H-Block Cripz), Wallick Cripz, West side gangstaz(WSB) and other crewz

Major Sports Teams

125px-Ottawa_Senators.gif Ottawa Senators


800px-Old_Riverside_Drive_Ottawa.jpg. 800px-Blaircourt.JPG 800px-Lees_Avenue_apartment_buildings.jpg LincolnFieldsOCTranspoStation.jpg say word those picz are hoods?.. dey loook like fuckin condo's