Palms Park Bloods

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The East Side (E/S) Palms Park Bloods are a predominately African American street gang founded in the city of Lakewood. This gang is believed to be one the first sets to claim allegiance to the Bloods in the early 70's. An area east of the South Side Junior Mafia Crips known as Palms Park is home to the East Side Palms Park Bloods. Their territory reaches from Norwalk Boulevard to Hawaiian Avenue from 207th St to 209th Street in Lakewood, California. Their main rivals include the East Side Junior Mafia Crips, East Side Varrio Costa Mesa 13, Mayfair Park Gangsta Bloods, Murda Ville Bloods, Pasadena North Side Junior Mafia Crips, Samoan Army Pirus, Santa Fe Mafia Crips, South Side Junior Mafia Crips, West Side Junior Mafia Crips 17th St, West Side Varrio Costa Mesa 13. Traditionally, the East Side Palms Park Bloods have been closely aligned with the LA Palms Park Bloods, Bloomfield Park Pirus, Dark Side Junior Mafia Gangsta Bloods as well as with the Straight Bloods Society. They have also have a close alliance with the Lakewood Family Bloods, alliance known as the "Palms Families".


  • Seven Line on 207th St
  • Nine Line on 209th St


Deceased members

  • O/G Red Skull, 2002
  • O/G Floss P, 2002
  • O/G Rugga, 2002
  • O/O/G Breezo, 2003
  • O/O/G Big Puppet Loko, 2003
  • O/G Pigeon, 2003
  • O/G Konfuze, 2004
  • O/Y/G Presto, 2004
  • O/O/G Mz. Akt Up, 2004
  • O/Y/G Hype, 2013


Do to the injunction. They don't pose a threat or have any relevance in the Lakewood area