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a big and dangerous near the [[Malvern]] area. its kinda hard to explain ... buh its between the area of Finch and Milner.The area has dramatically changed over the years , most of the residents used to be black with the overall population being black by 90%, buh since 2003 most of the area is now brown and tamil by 90% too. and the black population is 5-7 %. most of the residents moved to [[Malvern]] in [[Scarborough]].
pussy ass tamils
i know fuck dat fake block pussy ass tamils you guys got fucked up at cedarbrae bout 25 of us and 80 of u fuckin tamils...fuckin gay faggot dont even say malvern in ur name eitha... u guys are lucky no manz go and fuck u guys up for commin wit dat dumb shit!!
As serious as Malvern is, ALL OF YA'LL live in some big ass, nice houses, so I don't know what the fuk ya'll got to complain about...Malvern don't have NO KINDA slum housing, strictly beutiful blocks.
So....what do you call all the buildings? And um yeah empringham mews? and morningside mews? oh yes and the brenyon way mews. OH yeah the wickson trail mews aswhile. Yes there are nice houses in malvern. No one said it was compton. Jane Finch have nice houses right beside them to. so whats the difference

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