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a big and dangerous near the [[Malvern]] area. its kinda hard to explain ... buh its between the area of Finch and Milner.The area has dramatically changed over the years , most of the residents used to be black with the overall population being black by 90%, buh since 2003 most of the area is now brown and tamil by 90% too. and the black population is 5-7 %. most of the residents moved to [[Malvern]] in [[Scarborough]].
paradice projects
rexdale the king of kings
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As serious as Malvern is, ALL OF YA'LL live in some big ass, nice houses, so I don't know what the fuk ya'll got to complain about...Malvern don't have NO KINDA slum housing, strictly beutiful blocks.
So....what do you call all the buildings? And um yeah empringham mews? and morningside mews? oh yes and the brenyon way mews. OH yeah the wickson trail mews aswhile. Yes there are nice houses in malvern. No one said it was compton. Jane Finch have nice houses right beside them to. so whats the difference
Jane N' Finch has blocks setup in a congested manner, kind of like Regent Park (that hood along with the turfs close-by like Moss Park, etc are dead economically). Both turfs have middle-class residential spots, not too far behind, yes Regent Park is not that far from Cabbagetown. But these projects are locked-off from the outside world. The border between the rich and poor areas is pretty obvious especially when houses closer look even more run down.
Malvern, on the other hand is an 'mixed-income' community. Anyone can head into a large malls, commercial centres (I picked up a few computer components there), they even have many sport clubs that include many from outside Malvern. In JnF, Regent Park, etc, it's not even close. It's just Coffee Time, KFC, and probably some Thrift store. Flemo is better in Donmills & Eglinton since the intersection has really wide roads (looks like it) plus the Science Centre makes a nice scene. Well it does look empty if you ignore the Science Centre.
Malvern = 8000 units on 1,400 acres in Scarborough (a very sparse borough except in the Southwest..well sort of).
JnF = 10,700 units in the early 80s just on the corridor. In this corridor alone there are at least 80,000 people.
Malvern is a 'mixed-income' area. Around 68% of the houses are rented, I know since I've been there several times. A lot of nice computer stores are around, now if that's JnF, I feel sorry for the owners. This city has a significant upper-middle class population (net income >$100,000). They make up >15% of the population, around 35% for those between $40-70k, 21% for 70k to 90k and around 4-5% have an income of $10,000 per year.
In contrast, JnF, more than 38% earn $20,000 and less. Actually it's a lot worse. There is a huge unemployment issue in that corridor, we need to see a lot more employment-development schemes in that area. Also building up the infrastructure like schools, libraries, etc needed. The schools are really pathetic down there and when you enter this corridor, it really doesn't look promising to any real estate agency.
Heck, Flemo 30% below 20,000. Sure there is a rich neighborhood not that far off, making up 7% of the population. But majority of families have a net-income below $40,000 and the families sizes tend to be large down there so 40k isn't much.
Now if Malvern is somehow just as dangerous as those turfs which are clearly in another world then it tells us that those gentrification schemes like in Regent Park are fucking useless. The dudes there would be right. It's just there so that contractors and the politicians can make more money. Malvern is a 'mixed-income' community, heck there really is no significant poor around there either.
Even in Etobicoke, it's mainly mixed-income, most projects are pretty isolated from each other. You can live in one area, and not even know major dudes elsewhere. In contrast, Regent Park is at most 5 minutes away from major turfs. From Moss Park, probably a few seconds by foot.
Now if Malvern isn't dangerous then they need to import dudes from Columbia and give them first spot in those RGIs. Plenty of dudes around the dead zones of downtown between Parliament & DVP can't even get into an RGI units yet they are low-income with 5 kids. You need to be ported over to Parkdale while they get sent to Malvern. You'll be introduced to the Slumlords and live a happy life in Parkdale projects. ^_^
The solution is infrastructure development, education and EMPLOYMENT schemes. A lot of idle dudes all over, homeless dudes even in Don Mills, and I've never seen that in Scarborough. You need more than McDonnalds and Coffee time to help these areas. But seeing that dudes say that Malvern is so dangerous (....lot of 60k and above homes), gentrification is useless, education and employment with rebuilding infrastructure are on the top of the list.
By the way, Tamils are pussy? Man, I'm from Scarborough but if you need to say that around Regent Park where the second-largest non-English tongue is Tamil (after chinese). South Asians make up 21% of Regent Park, equal to blacks. Bengalis are second largest South-Asian group, Tamils make up half, Bengalis almost 40%, factor in 21% of Regent Park and you'll realize there big down there as well. I bring up Regent 'cause everyone knows its hell even in the empty streetcar with runned down buildings South of 506 and runned down private houses North of Route 506.
I don't know any place like that in Scarborough and hope shit don't turn that way ever. MnE looks pretty crazy from far but the units there have quality. Parkdale, Moss Park is a something else...I'd rather live in Salvation Army branch (or supercentre) over there.
Bob. :)

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paradice projects
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