Parma Court

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whoever comes on tha internet and talks shit is wack like my mom...


parma runnin for there lives........... come to falstaff im in the lobby pussy......big up REXDALE MEN......

Fuck u white kid

this white boy will dust any little pussyole you think is bad. i have every nigger in rexdale-falstaff-regent park on my side pussy you cant even come close to me. im still at falstaff come threw or yall scared as fuck. white boys run jails faggot..

YOU FEEL BIG U GOT REGENT PARK ON UR SIDE lMAO ITS FUCKING SOFT NOW B... REXDALE AND FALSTAFF AINT MUCH EITHER DAWWG....and why woould i come for a dumb ass white kid dat talks to much shit on de internet and wen a 9 is point ya head u snitch out everyone