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PORT UNION located on sheppard n port union known for its pussy gangs. Very soft area. If you are ever up there, rob someone, they won't do anything. Mowat highschool also know as Mowhite. SSOOFFTTT AARREEAAA!!
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Yo this guys trying to say its a soft area. It aint hard like vern, g-way or OP but if you come to Port Union and Lawrence to rob someone your going to have at LEAST 5 car loads looking for you. It aint no ghetto but everyone's got everyone's back. Where r u from talking all this sh!t?^^^^ P-Town?
yo LOWER EASTSIDE OF SCARBZ NIGGA, EAST MOBB, the klandike that wrote that shit about port union is a stright fagget, come the fu*k down here, u dunt kno how we do down here, ur obvisly from P-Town u nubb.
Port Union is soft.Its basically Pickering. Fuckin pussies up there still. Fuckin white boy tryin make it sound hard over the internet. ^
Are you serious. Port Union is on this site? LMAO. wow. port union is the hood! ahahhaha. shit man! we only got 400 000 $ houses! REAL SHIT!!!! BAHAHAHAHA. wow. people try to hard!
WOW 400 000 houses god dam...ur parents proabaly give u money everyday dawwg no need for hustlin at all...come teh de hoodz in scrabz dawwgg ni99az on de grind all day everyday...
so soft. vern niggas went down there with 5 mans. and dere were 50 other mans at the skateboard park. and the vern mans punked these 2 bitches off. nutting happened.

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