Port union

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PORT UNION located on sheppard n port union known for its pussy gangs. Very soft area. If you are ever up there, rob someone, they won't do anything. Mowat highschool also know as Mowhite. SSOOFFTTT AARREEAAA!!

Yo this guys trying to say its a soft area. It aint hard like vern, g-way or OP but if you come to Port Union and Lawrence to rob someone your going to have at LEAST 5 car loads looking for you. It aint no ghetto but everyone's got everyone's back. Where r u from talking all this sh!t?^^^^ P-Town?

yo LOWER EASTSIDE OF SCARBZ NIGGA, EAST MOBB, the klandike that wrote that shit about port union is a stright fagget, come the fu*k down here, u dunt kno how we do down here, ur obvisly from P-Town u nubb.

Port Union is soft.Its basically Pickering. Fuckin pussies up there still. Fuckin white boy tryin make it sound hard over the internet. ^

Are you serious. Port Union is on this site? LMAO. wow. port union is the hood! ahahhaha. shit man! we only got 400 000 $ houses! REAL SHIT!!!! BAHAHAHAHA. wow. people try to hard!

WOW 400 000 houses god dam...ur parents proabaly give u money everyday dawwg no need for hustlin at all...come teh de hoodz in scrabz dawwgg ni99az on de grind all day everyday...

so soft. vern niggas went down there with 5 mans. and dere were 50 other mans at the skateboard park. and the vern mans punked these 2 bitches off. nutting happened.

P-Town iz bitch town! all these p town bitchez r soft.