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RoseBank west-side of Malvern. Newest hood in Malvern, mans off the block are serious. Dont get fooled by the looks of this block.

History: About 3 years ago mans from everywhere used to chill and play ball at da courts. Mans from Empringham, Cross Traxx, Wickson Trail, Crow Trail, MS Blocks etc. After a incident that happened those same blocks barely come anymore. The block used to be filled with both bloods and crips, now a days you will not find one blue bandana.

Blocks That Are Banned: Crow Trail and Wickson yutes can come on the block, but if you apart of Byrd Gang or YGG or if you rep da block with them you cannot step there.

For ALL you next blocks that have beef with RoseBank, just be ready to beef with other hoods...It's not a game!