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[[400]], [[Bay Mills]],[[Canlish (C-Block, Cantown)]], [[Cataraqui]], [[Chester Le]], [[Cougar Ct.]], [[Danzig aka D-Block]], [[Dean Park]], [[Dolly Varden]], [[Gilder]], [[Glamorgan]], [[Glendower]], [[Gordonridge]], [[Greenbrae Ct.]], [[Kingston-Galloway]], [[Malvern]], [[Markham and Eglinton]],[[Sandblock - The Hurst]],[[Midland and Lawrence]] aka [[MnL]] , [[Mornelle Court]], [[Orton Park]], The [[Pentagon]] ([[4010 Lawrence Ave.]]), [[Teesdale]], [[Tuxedo Court]]
[[400]], [[Bay Mills]],[[Canlish]], [[Cataraqui]], [[Chester Le]], [[Cougar Ct.]], [[Danzig aka D-Block]], [[Dean Park]], [[Dolly Varden]],[[ Flora ]], [[Gilder]], [[Glamorgan]], [[Glendower]], [[Gordonridge]], [[Greenbrae Ct.]], [[Kingston-Galloway]], [[Malvern]], [[Markham and Eglinton]],[[Sandblock - The Hurst]],[[Midland and Lawrence]] aka [[MnL]] , [[Mornelle Court]], [[Orton Park]], The [[Pentagon]] ([[4010 Lawrence Ave.]]), [[Teesdale]], [[Tuxedo Court]]

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Scarborough aka Scartown, aka Scarlem, aka Scarberia etc. 58165124_79a0fc3171.jpg

Scarborough is the biggest borough in Toronto. It covers a large area and is home to numerous apartment complexes and housing rentals. The average price of an apartment is generally lower then it would be in Toronto due to the simple fact that the city of Scarborough is located further away from Toronto’s downtown core. It is roughly boardered by Victoria Park Ave. to the west, Port Union to the east, Steeles Ave to the north and Lake Ontario to the south.


The centre of Scarborough is located in the northern part of the city, right next to Highway 401. City Hall is located in a section of land that is home to many government buildings and the Y.M.C.A. Also located next to City Hall is Scarborough’s biggest mall, the Scarborough Town Centre.


The Scarborough Bluffs (located just south of Kingston rd.) and Bluffers Park are heavily used by both tourists and families and is known as a popular teen hang-out spot. Other noteworthy malls include the Malvern Town Center, Briddlewood Mall and Agincourt Mall. It has its own mini rail called the RT that starts at Kennedy rd and ends at the Scarborough Town Center by McCowan rd. Public perception of Scarborough by outsiders is that of constant gun/gang violence and chaos, but in actuality, this is only true with pockets of the city. The majourity of it remains a place for working class families and close knit communities.


400, Bay Mills,Canlish, Cataraqui, Chester Le, Cougar Ct., Danzig aka D-Block, Dean Park, Dolly Varden,Flora , Gilder, Glamorgan, Glendower, Gordonridge, Greenbrae Ct., Kingston-Galloway, Malvern, Markham and Eglinton,Sandblock - The Hurst,Midland and Lawrence aka MnL , Mornelle Court, Orton Park, The Pentagon (4010 Lawrence Ave.), Teesdale, Tuxedo Court


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