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Sido is the most famoust Rapper in Germany. He's much better than the Optik army
=== whut he calls "Live" ===
a rapper from berlin/germany wearing a mask but he sux very much.
When he is acting on stage he says to himself: "I AM A QUEEN" and thats the truth!
believe me or not
The '''first evidence''' is that he has started a world wide campaign for him and fler that homo's can get married.
'''2nd evidence''' Is that he taught Fler how to suck dicks at the same time eating a big mac while smoking a head of a big fat ass cheach&chong bong.
'''3rd evidence''' he cant suck dicks while wearing his mask so he need gays for sucking his own at the same time smoking a big fat ass head of a big fat ass cheach&chong bong. He cant get enough.
That should proove ure own a opinion a bit and animate u to think about what Sido and his whole big fat ass label aggro berlin.GmbH. are doing and specifically provoke with that.
Sido was born as a vicious gaylord. He jumped into the world as a boy who was so vicious that he tinkered with the idea of practising incest.
His bagnio mommy was very shocked but than he was so proud of him because of thinking of his family in a way that she never dreamed of.
So Sido produced a track with hs gay homies "momma is proud of me because i tinkered with the idea of practising incest" believe me or not thats the whole thing about and if u dont tell everybody the truth who would ever find out whut really had happened.
'''For telling something about his rap skills:'''
He cant rap anyway and he is a fake ass G who just wanna get attention by acting like a gay who just got sucked by a guy who has got a big fat potato ass. So pls if u should see Sido somewhere in ure hood kick his stankin ass back to where the pepper is growing and do not support him anyway.
He got hit by another fake ass and now they hate each other so much that they wrote songs about em. Sido smells like Fler's doo doo butter and stanks like the hell with Fler's urine dipped in.
U can first smell that aroma and than u can see a faked rapper wearing his mask like someone acts on the streets for getting a dollar for his next trip.
So if this article didn*t changed ure opinion about Sido and his big fat ass label u should smoke a big fat ass blunt and inhale that shit so ure can really read what these letters about.
What i really wanted to point out is that everybody who is in any connection with aggro berlin is pretending something that is not connected to the real truth.
When u call them kool everybody should call them bitches or liar because the whole community from now on should smell there stankin ass and hope for that they will burn in hell.
=== Singles ===
* 2004 ''Mein hinterhof''
* 2005 ''du bist homo''
* 2005  sido feat.Tighti feat. Fler ''heisse brüder''
=== Disstracks ===
* 2004 ''sido - Inzest mit Mama ''  (Diss gegen mami)
* 2005 ''Sido & B-Tight - wir ficken(uns)'' (Diss gegen sich selbst)
* 2005 ''Sido - so homo so so so homo (ansage 3)''
=== Aliases ===
* -Sido
* -YMCA3
* -IMDP (Ich Machs Dir Papa)
* -Bend me down Tighti
* -Sucklord4eva
* -Long John Sido
* -homolikewowereit
* -ILSM (Ich lutsch Schwänze Mama)
== Weblinks ==
'''if u like to see how ugly he is:'''<br>

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Sido is the most famoust Rapper in Germany. He's much better than the Optik army