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     T.W.A da hardest crew

DIS crew originated in brampton in 2006 .police have been watchin dem everywhr dey go.T.W.A grew into other hoodz such as doomstown,malvern,jane and finch ,vaughn,scarbrough,toronto.It was created by 2 youths age 15 nicknamed trini and suspect .IN a resent report police estimated that there is about 400 members and growing every day .T.W.A stands for thugz wit ammunition .Its members all crips and da colours are blue and blacc .If interested in joining contact dis email or reach brampton nd talk 2 trini or suspect da email isz T.W.A_4_LYFE@hotmail.com

Fuccing fool baiting on mans names. Dont even say jnf or malvern in your names. these hoods wouldnt even go near brampton pussies.

yo  dey aint pussyz nd i live in vern i no i live in crow trail ok u boi  step up ur game.
yo who da fuck made dis how u no so much bout us  do i no  u  .nd dnt fuccing bait on our namez  i swear if i dont no u dead.

yo niggaz dey hard i no of dem i seen dem take out some big hood i would like 2 see some1 beat dem and da man who say dey r not in vern needz 2 step up hisz gayme cuz dey r Also dey stabbed some guy up in his head

fuck brampton. REXDALE run yall . nigga u no derez people in jamestown which isz in rexdale.so step up ur gaymez.