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em is the worlds best rapper if u dnt fink so den fuck u

Em is an intense rapper, i agree witchya

^^cause u got incest interest ?

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-- 06:46, 25 Jul 2005 (CEST)Bold text

l love EMINEM  he  is  so  so  fucking  good  people  don't like him  they  can  go  fuck  off  then   ....EMINEM  l  love you  alot   by  theresa

New fans of rap love eminem, but once they hear better rappers theyre almost embarrassed about once being a fan

  • I used to listen to Eminem in 97, then I started to listen to other artists, but now I listen to Eminem because there' a reason he's on top of his game, it's because he's a good rapper. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to check their common sence.

^^word fuck the new school wat the hell r the mo fuckers doin wit my old school fuck em just fuck em and em !

fan club

dear, EMINEM

I think your so hott and i also think your muzic is realy good to. I also understand why you retired to. Becuase a real fan would like me. Most of my friends think you are cool,but I like you the most.Plus I'm only 12 going on 13 but that doesn't madder.My mom also loves your music to. So I hope you can right back but if you can't i'll under stand.

                                   your fan 
                                    katherine R.

hey everybody there is someone who wan'ts to kill EMINEM! You can see for your self if google EMINEM!They have a game you can play but do not play it!!!!!

                                      EMINEM LOVER 
                                    katherine r.

fuck feminem