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Uniqum is an conscious rap MC from G-Town. He is also known as 'U to tha N', DJ GGz, 'tha U' and more. His real name is Kjetil Rimehaug, but goes under the nickname KJ Rhyme, which is a reference to the song with the same name from U-God's "Hillside Scramblers", but also the translated version of his name. KJ as the two first letters of his first name, and Rhyme is what "Rime" means in English.


Early Years

The rapper Uniqum was born on February 1st, 1990, and and was raised in G-Town, Norway. At 14, he developed a huge and growing interest in hip hop music, and has been active in three of the four elements. He first bombing happened already as a ten-year old in 2000 under a unknown alias. He started DJ'ing and rapping approximately at the same time, and started experimenting from there.

The First Projects

After a couple of vague rap attempts in 2003, KJ tried his luck as a DJ, and in 2004 (as a 14-year old) with his newly found interest in hip hop music, he started mixing songs together, and mixing acapellas on new beats. As a result of this he released an unofficial and underground mix-CD called "Got the Guts Mix-CD" under the name DJ GhettoGuts.

Even though he had been working with his DJ projects for a while, he had never given up rapping, and when finished with his Mix-CD, he started working on what would become "The Experimental", his first MC mixtape with 49 tracks on jacked beats. The tape as it was his first mixtape, with himself behind recording and mixing, and since he had recently started rapping the tape was never endorsed by anyone, but this never knocked him down. The Experimental - the Mixtape was released November 22, 2005.

y'all my servants, but y'all can call me K, even when I'm pretending to be a DJ -- Uniqum (Greezy - the Greatest) The Experimental - the Mixtape, 2005 (referring to his then unsuccessful DJ career)

Never Give Up

After non-successful results both as a DJ and as an MC, Uniqum still never gave up. Already four months later The Experimental 2 led by the single Clubhoppin was released March 28th, 2006. The average progression he had made in those months were obvious. The themes of the songs were different, and he had gone for something similar to a tough guy image, especially on the gangsta oriented "The New Godfather". He got plenty of positive feedback on the Clubhoppin single, but still people failed to check out the full mixtape. Another failure as an MC.

it's time to bow in respect, and hear the sound, it's the sound of the king, the king of g-town -- Uniqum (King Of G-Town) The Experimental Vol. 2, 2006 (the first time he claimed the title 'King of G-Town')

Later Years

After a double failure as an MC, Uniqum a month later (April 25th, 2006) released uninspired mixtape called G-town Baller. With no more than 11 songs, and quickly written lyrics, Uniqum has later stated this to be the last of the old Uniqum. He would know take a break as an MC, and begin working on what would be his largest project yet.

Underground Takeover

After stating that his new DJ tape would mark the beginning of a new era for his label KjRi Productions, the expectations started building up, and with reason. On August 29th, 2006 Uniqum released Underground Takeover under the DJ alias DJ GGz.

The tape which included names such as MC Jamalski (of the old Boogie Down Productions fame, Boom Bap Project, Detroit MC Lazarus, Flip Frost, Lower 3rds and more, and including artists from UK, France, and US. Although he only produced three of the tracks, and were primarily only a host on the tape, his name and fame expanded explosively. With 12, 500 downloads on the internet, his first success was a fact. The mixtape is still downloadable of the KP website.

money means nothing, spirit is the key -- Jamalski (Stop) [1] Underground Takeover, 2006

Back to Rap

after a huge success with Underground Takeover mixtape, KJ went back to rapping, and this time with bigger confidence than ever. December 12th, 2006 his fourth mixtape "King Of G-Town" was released. The title referring to a song from his Experimental Vol. 2 mixtape indicated that this mixtape would be bridge from the old Uniqum to the new. The mixtape with its 15 and especially its lead single "Gish Down" were better received than his earlier MC mixtapes, but still he was met with much skepticism.

I control the phat shit, were shit's really phat -- Uniqum (G-Town Music) King Of G-Town, 2006 (referring to his radio show Phat Shit Radio)

3 Months passed, and the first results of the new projects were seen in a prequel/promo mixtape for his first street album. The tape were called "Phat Shit Radio Vol. 1 - E3: The Prequel". The tape was recorded with better equipment than earlier and the 16 songs with a total playtime of 35 minutes and 11 seconds were meant as a promo for his upcoming street album. The main reason why he decided to release a promo mixtape was that he felt he had made great progression since his last mixtape, and wanted more people to check out his next CD. This is also why the tracks on this tape had so many varied themes and feels. The tape was well received by many, and of the songs, especially "Not Every Tear"; a sad reminiscent love song featuring Jakob Dylan.

I walk around with a tear in my eye, but I'm not sad, I'm not mad, and I'm not gonna cry. I'm just walking around wondering why I can't pull myself together and be a better guy -- Uniqum (Not Every Tear) PSR vol. 1 - E3: The Prequel, 2007.

I might have said so, but I'm not over you at all, The more you around, the more in love I fall -- Uniqum (Not Every Tear) PSR Vol. 1 - E3: the prequel tape, 2007

I've been on vacation for 16 tracks, now I've been forced to be looking back, 'cause i know, I've got a long way home, so I better starting driving down the road -- Uniqum (Long Way Home) PSR vol. 1 - E3: the prequel tape, 2007. (as a metaphor for him saying that the fun time's over and the hard work on the street album has begun)

E3: The Expo

After many delays of the tape which originally was meant to be released exactly 5 weeks after the prequel, E3: the Expo, was finally released on June 12th, 2007. The tape was in it's entirety recorded in the newly opened G-Town Studios, and the 16 tracks had a total playtime of 1 hour, 1 minute and 41 seconds. E3 was a great success and made Uniqum tons of new fans from all around, and finally Uniqum had proven to everybody he was the rightful King of G-Town.

The tape was posted for free downloads from several place on the internet, and ended up with a lot of downloads. Most of the feedback he got on the tape were positive. Especially well received were the songs Joy, Suzie, Where Are You and Don't Forget.

i'm pre of my time, still a legend in my own mind -- Uniqum (Joy) E3: The Expo, 2007. (referring to Maylay Sparks' album "Legend in my own mind", Maylay Sparks has lived in Geilo, and collaborated with DJ White Shadow, which is also from Geilo)

I'm sad, 'cause I'm all alone, My mind and my joy is gone -- Uniqum (Joy) E3: The Expo, 2007.

first drop, Jay Dee, R.I.P., a hero, a rap class v.i.p., a soulful genius passed away, he lived for hip hop 'till his last day -- Uniqum (So Far To Go) E3: The Expo, 2007. (Uniqum referring to passed away hip hop produced Jay Dee aka J Dilla, which happened to be one of Uniqums favorite producers. The song is done over a J Dilla produced beat.)

I just wanna know if you loved me back, if you did and I asked, would you tell me that? -- Uniqum (Don't Forget) E3: the Expo, 2007.



Conflicts and Rivalries

Uniqum has during his few years as an MC already experienced a couple of beefs. The first one with an MC Rikkah, a unknown MC, who never came to make a song against KJ. Otherwise Uniqum has at several occasions slung shots at MCs including locals and northern Norwegian sami rappers, although never escalating into any beef. Everybody get picked on, you shouldn't cry for that, but then call yourself a gangster, man what's the deal with that? -- Uniqum (2nd Coming - Intro) PSR Vol. 2 - E3: The Prequel Tape, 2007.

Local Beef

The most escalated beef Uniqum has been involved with so far, is definitely with a local MC, called Lil G (aka The Kid) and his companion Mr. G. It all started when young rapper Lil' G starting repeatedly hearing about another rapper at the same school as he went to, and ultimately challenging Uniqum to a battle in Norwegian right before Christmas break in December 2006. Uniqum first declined the offer, but after hearing rumors and false stories about himself, spread by Lil' G, Uniqum changed his mind and made a dis record against the local MC. The beef grew popular at the school and after two and half attacks against him, Lil' G finally answered, and he couldn't knock Uniqums popularity with that song, and after irritation over this, Mr. G and another friend of theirs S10ss made a song against Uniqum, which he answered to twice. The beef which were really popular for about a month, were well timed for Uniqum, since he were under a month away from releasing his next project, and more people would now come to check it out.

leave your friends at the PD's office, stick your head out, boy, and leave in coffins -- MC Artist (Name Of The Song) PSR Vol. 1 - E3: The Prequel Tape, 2007. (from one of the few English dis tracks Uniqum made, since most of the beef were on their native language Norwegian.

Phat Shit Radio


Uniqum (aka DJ GGz) also for a period had his own radio show, called Phat Shit Radio, which aired on a local radio station every other Monday from November 28, 2005 to Jun 11, 2007. The radio show were 3 hours long, and played all kinds of Hip Hop, and gained popularity for it's youth and trendy approach in an otherwise conservative radio station.


Phat Shit Radio (aka. PSR) were close to be taken off air for a short period during January - February 2007, because accusations about Uniqum on air shouting out and harassing local MC Lil' G (whom he had an ongoing beef with). Uniqum has later stated that the lack of trust in this and other cases were on off the reason he decided to take his show off air from the radio station.

Expanding and Reforming

After taking PSR off air at the local radio station, Uniqum arranged a deal for his radio show to air on a International European internet radio with an average of 1,400 listeners. The show appeared in a smaller and more intense form with a weekly airing time of 1 hour. After appearing every week for about 3 months, the show was taken off air at the new station, and Uniqum reformed the Phat Shit Radio into a brand new form. After the success with the mixtapes PSR Vol. 1 - E3: The Prequel Tape, and Phat Shit Radio - Phat Shit On Th' Radio (DJ GGz tape), he decided to make PSR an podcast radio which also released mixtapes. So currently in the planning are the next two volumes of the PSR series. PSR Vol. 2 - You Know Whuh?!?, due to release in April - May 2008, and PSR Vol. 3 - (TBA).

Side Projects

In addition to solo projects, Uniqum has under both aliases (DJ GGz and Uniqum) been involved with side projects, the DJ GGz projects will be found on the DJ GGz page along with much other information not included on this page.


Uniqum has a crew project going on with the rap collective IGC, which is short for Insomnia Graff Crew. The group is primarily a graff crew, and it's rap debut released has already been postponed for months, and it looks like it's still going to be a long wait for their debut mixtape Prequel to A Classic and their debut album L.A. Insomnia - the Album

Heavy Halling

In need for an extra number for the National culture talent contest UKM, Uniqum was contacted to be the vocalist of a group which were to be a rap and rock fusion with traditional Norwegian folk tunes mixed in to the themes. The group made the song "KJ Rhyme" under the name "Uniqum m/ band" (meaning "Uniqum with band"). They went on through to the next round of the competition. And on April 22nd, they appeared at Union Scene in Drammen, for the first time under the name Heavy Halling. They were knocked out of the competition, but continued as a group. Heavy Halling played a couple of concerts around in local environments and later recorded a single with the songs "KJ Rhyme" and "Do Something" during October 2007. The single is still not released.

I mean racial violence, break the silence! I don't like that shit, and I never will, now who gon say something, 'cause of a color, I don't get nothing -- Heavy Halling (Do Something) KJ Rhyme CDS (still unreleased)



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