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                       '''WELCOME TO PEG CITY'''   
                       '''WELCOME TO PEG CITY'''   
                 '''The most dangerous city in Canada'''
                 '''The most Softest city in Canada'''
                   '''C.E.N.T.R.A.L  R.E.C.O.R.D.S.'''
                   '''C.E.N.T.R.A.L  R.E.C.O.R.D.S.'''

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                      WELCOME TO PEG CITY  
               The most Softest city in Canada
                 C.E.N.T.R.A.L  R.E.C.O.R.D.S.

C.T.L. Records on da #1 Spot C.T.L. Records we ain't never gon Stop, Cause its money Power & respect

594 rockin all thats good in the hood yo soon to be all over the tdot ,dub ,204 ,cross or be crossed maing en.te.gez yo holdin down u hurd rawdeluxe ,lucky wun

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg, aka The Peg or Peg City is the capital of Manitoba, and is also Canada's 2nd most crime-ridden city (after Vancouver). Its area code is 204. Winnipeg is no longer murder capital, replaced by Edmonton, but is now auto theft capital, replacing Vancouver. Winnipeg's population of about 700,000 people and is also known as "Gateway To The West", as the west of Canada starts in Manitoba. Peg City is well known for their undeniable talent with rappers hailing from CenTraL, North Side and the West End and maples. Crime in Winnipeg occurs mainly in the Downtown, North End, West End, Central and Elmwood neighbourhoods.


West End, Wolseley, Westwood, Crestview, Downtown, North End, West Kildonan, The Maples, Lord Selkirk, St. James, Transcona, East Kildonan, Fort Garry, Whyte Ridge, River Heights, Tuxedo, Linden Woods, Waverly, Fort Richmond, Osbourne Village, Fort Rouge, Riverview, Charleswood, St. Boniface, Windsor Park, Southdale, St. Vital, Central,North Kildonan


NatetownGeez, 594,Indian Posse, Native Syndicate, Deuce, Hells Angels, Zig Zag Crew, LHS Street Gang, Mad Cowz, B-Side, Manitoba Warriors, Asian Bomb Squad, M*O*B, Posse Killers, , Hung Hong Boyz, Chuys, Redd Alert, African Mafia, In Full Effect, Cash, Money, Bros, P.I.G.Z, Norhside Kingz, Madd Dogg Nation, Bandidos, Langside Crips, Dynamic Crew, Alwayz Blazin Chronic, C-Block, Pritchard Park Bloods, Elmwood Riders, P.D Boyz, Fort Rouge Boys, $outh-$ide Cru, Ruthless Posse, Nine-O's, C.T.L, West End Boyz,Dk's,KraziezM-side, spartans(defunct), East Side Krazies, peg city kingz, neo-nazi gangs(skin heads)


Young Kidd, CTL Records, Platinum Black, Shadez, CrownPlayaz, Thunder Birdz, CreamRecords, ABC Records, Young Justice

Sports teams

Winnipeg Goldeyes (Baseball), Winnipeg Blue Bombers {Football), Manitoba Moose (Hockey),