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TF ? Bl115d I aint done nothing to yo internet ass. How you gon say fuck my hood and I aint NEVER heard of yo whiteboy valley hood. If I wanted to diss I wouldnt know how; because of how unknown yall are lmao. We was one of the original sets to start claiming bloods. Not like you and yo friends who wanted to start banging because yall seen Lil Wayne do it lmao. Yall nikkas probably fly under the the star lmfao. Fuck out of here. I dont come from the suburbs with white people. I come from where Jose front you the quarters at. THE STREETS nikka. I aint on here every fucking day like you and D'z up are. Before yo weak ass wanna be DIRUK hood wanna talk shit get yall name up. Because it aint nothing but Gunners from my h115d. Ask anybody in LA about Hunnaz and watch em get scared. Ask em about yo hood watch em be like "Who is that ? Is that a jerkin crew" lmao Fuck out of here white boy

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