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TORONT0-HONKEYS AND FAKE B'Z AND C'Z <----Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world as designated by the United Nations. In 2004, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) ranked Toronto second, behind Miami, in its "List of World Cities with the Largest Percentage of Foreign-born Population". Though ranking first, Miami's foreign-born population is mostly Hispanic, whereas Toronto's is significantly more diverse. Toronto also ranked ahead of Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York City, Singapore and Sydney. The resulting cultural diversity is reflected in the numerous ethnic neighbourhoods of the city.

ALL THE OTHER ISLANDS <---- All the other islands? Theres only 1 island and thats Nova Scotia.

GANGSTAS IN THE NORTH? FUCCCK NO LEAVE THE GANGBANGING TO AMERICA! YOU GUYS JUST WATCH THE MAPLE LEAFS WIN THE HOCKEY GAMES, LIKE WE AMERICANS GIVE A FUCK <---- You Americans do give a fuck or else why would you guys have as much Hockey teams as Canada does? Clown!

u give states a bad name bredjin..LOL u aint lettin shit be known Canadians mirk shit 2.Nd just stfu already u dumbass. LOL u havnt been nowhere, not even out ur aread code so jsut shut it.