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Whitby Ontario Canada, a.k.a DUB-TOWN

Ok its not the Compton of Canada but its got its rough areas. Its got Crips, Bloods, and other not well known gangs. Its got guns aswell, parts of Whitby are very heavily drug infested, And yes we do have a rivalry with Oshawa. But the gangs is Oshawa dont want it with the gangs in Whitby.

And here is a short list of some of our hoods: (o and pictures are soon to come, give me about a week)

Fuck whitby nigga wut is this farm time Holla at Scarborough nigga

200 Garden, Anderson and Manning, Craydon Road, Dryden

Gangs: D-block crips, Ribblesdale Blood Crew SLUM CITY DISCIPLEZ