Whittier Palms Park Bloods

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The Whittier Palms Park Bloods (WPPB) are a small subset of the larger "LA Palms Park Bloods" street gang. The Whittier Palms Park Bloods are located in the city of Whittier, on the north side around Palm Park and Palm Ave. Law enforcement believe members of the original LA Palms Park Bloods, moved to Whittier with the intentions to expand their drug operations. Rivals include: East Side Junior Mafia Crips, East Side Varrio Costa Mesa 13, Mayfair Park Gangsta Bloods, Murda Ville Bloods, Pasadena North Side Junior Mafia Crips, Samoan Army Pirus, Santa Fe Mafia Crips, South Side Junior Mafia Crips, West Side Junior Mafia Crips 17th St, and the West Side Varrio Costa Mesa 13.