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Other word for homey. "It's like that wodie." -- Lil' Romeo also known as "whoadie."

it comes from 'ward', as in from the same ward (district or section of town) as in New Orleans- Master P and his brothers are from the Calliope side of the 3rd ward while Juvenile and Soulja Slim rep the Magnolia side of the 3rd ward. Magic and Nutt the Kidd are from the 9th ward. The east is considered, "The East" but is also a part of 9th ward. 5th ward Weebie obviously is from the 5th ward. 10th Ward Buck is obviously from the 10th ward. Lil Wayne is from the 17th Ward. Mannie Fresh is from the 7th ward. Your homey from your ward is your wardey-(shogun_assasin)