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The East Side (E/S) 1200 East Coast Blocc Crips are a large primarily African American street gang founded on the east side of the unincorporated community of Riverside, California. This gang is a subset of the larger East Coast Crips umbrella gang and was around 12th Street, between Martin Luther King Blvd and University Avenue. Also known as the "Eastside Riverside 1200 Blocc Crips", this gang has well over 250 active members and are the most notorious African American street gang in Riverside County, being active for over 30 years. Members of this gang are known to wear traditional Crip colors along with the Tampa Bay Rays dark blue hat with the logo TB which stands for "Twelve hundred Blocc". Despite their punitive numbers, the 1200 Blocc Crips have historically waged war with gangs double and triple their size. They are enemies to all Sureños, in particular the East Side Rivas, a one time ally and 700 member gang with loyalties to the Mexican Mafia. They are allies to the Wyld Life Society gang and the Colton City Crips. Although this gangs' location is in the Inland Empire [IE], they do not identify themselves under this banner. The 1200 East Coast Blocc Crips are known for their contribution to hate crime stemming from their violent reputation for attacking surrounding Hispanic street gangs.


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