4 pound

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4 pound

its called 4 pound because it is the average weight of most handguns. "Ya better break off before we get the 4 pounders" -- Nas (Represent [1994])

a .45 caliber pistol. "You now rockin wit da best, 4-pound on my hip, gold chain on my chest"--Game (How We Do [2004])

Also referred to simply as 4's. "I'm down for the cause, gimme a round of applause and hear the sound of the 4's" -- Prospect (Off Wit His Head [2000]).

"You hear the click-iti-clack and thats the sound of, them haters start running 'cause thats my 4-pounder" -NSE (Down 4 life 2005)

"We don't play that out in B.K not at all, 4 pound leave ya face on the wall" -Li'l Kim (Lighters up (2005)