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The 67's are a Haitian-based street gang formed in the Saint-Michel district of Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the late 1980s. Named after a bus route along Montreal's Saint-Michel area, this gang was co-founded by reputed gangster Ducarme Joseph, who led a group of local toughs who would later claim allegiance to the Crips gang by the mid 1990s. Believed to be cliqued up with other gangs representing the blues (or Crips) such as the Crack Down Posse, the 67's is said to be one of the major factions of the Crips in Montreal. Members of this gang have traditionally been involved in street level drug trafficking and juvennile prostitution. They are traditional enemies of the Bo-Gars, but have recently been involved in a war with Montreal's powerful Italian Mafia family as well.


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