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The 92 (or "9-Duece") Be-Bop Watts Bloods gang are a long-standing African American street gang founded in the Watts district of South Los Angeles, California. This gang is part of the Bishop Bloods set located on 92nd Street and 93rd Street. In the 1990s, The Be-Bop Watts Bloods was one of the most popular and active Blood Gang in Watts. Their enemies include the Bacc Street Watts Crips, Front Street Watts Crips, Watts Franklin Square Crips, Grape Street Watts Crips, PJ Watts Crips, 59 East Coast Crips, the 6 Pacc East Coast Crips, 76 East Coast Crips, the 89 East Coast Neighbor Hood Crips, 95 Compton Avenue Crips, the 96 Gangster Crips and the Hispanic Varrio 38th Street. Due to their alliance with the 52 Pueblo Bishop Bloods, the 92 Be-Bop Watts Bloods are also bitter rivals of the Blood Stone Villains and had past conflicts with the Mad Swan Bloods as well. However, the Be-Bop Watts Bloods are friendly towards the Bounty Hunters Watts, Athens Park Bloods and the Fruit Town Pirus of Compton. This gang is part of the "Bishop Alliance."

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