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The East Side (E/S) 92 Bishop Bloods, or "9-Deuce Watts Bishops" are a small, yet long standing African-American street gang located in the Watts district of South Los Angeles, California. Their neighborhood is bordered by Firestone Blvd. In the north to 92nd Street in the south, between Elm Street in the west towards Alameda Street in the east. This gang was founded in the early 1970's by O.G. and founder William Bishop on 88th street and Bandera street in Watts. By 1972, a man named OG Bobby Lavender helped solidify this gang's presence after the death of a close friend perpetrated by Raymond Lee Washington's East Side Crips. Although this gang claim "Watts", the majority of their turf is actually located in the unincorporated community of Florence, California. 92nd Street is their southern border with Firestone being their northern border. They share their territory with the Hispanic Watts Ivy Street 13 as well as the Watts Varrio Elm Street, with the Florencia 13 gang to the north of their turf. Rivals include the 95 Compton Avenue Crips, 89 East Coast Neighbor Hood Crips, the Grape Street Watts Crips and the Watts Varrio Elm Street. They are friendly towards the 52 Pueblo Bishop Bloods as well as the Family Swan Bloods. This gang is usually mistaken for the Be-Bop Watts Bloods which is a completely different gang.


92 Bishops

88 Bishops


Bobby Lavender (RIP) Explains How he Started The 92 Bishop Bloods in South Los Angeles