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Born and raised in the city of Toronto, Canada, A-Game is a hip hop duo consisting of identical twins Rommel and Robert Hinds-Grannum also known as Nova and Chase. A-Game's signature sound is filled with vibrance and paried with thought provoking narative that connects to the voice of the common man. This is contrasted with understones of aspirations and achievement that echoes their vision and destination. The duo mix their styles and tempos to instigate a novel breed of sound. With their independant label of T.A.G. (The Armada Group), this young duo has garnered thousands of avid fans in a few short years with their grassroots hustle that helped push their independant debute EP entitled The World Is Yours over 1000 units sold in Greater Toronto Area alone.


Whatchu Saying

Oh My

Go Head Shawty

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