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Aggro Berlin is an independent German hip-hop record label. Six artists; Sido, B-Tight, Tony D, G-Hot, Fler and Kitty Kat are currently under the label.


AGGRO stands for rough, rugged and raw and represents the streets of Berlin. The independent label came straight from the underground in 2001 when everybody cried that German rap was dead because it had turned pop. The three entrepeneurs Halil, Specter and Spaiche founded the label knowing that it was time for rap music from the streets to step into the game. The founders have always been active supporters of Berlin hip hop culture and believed in the huge potential of German underground rap. Their purpose was to establish a platform for Berlin rap acts who spit uncompromising lyrics. AGGRO BERLIN´s style is straight from the streets and their artists are intimately familiar with codes, violence and stories of the streets.


First signings of label were SIDO and B-TIGHT who already had street credibility among the Berlin underground scene. The signing of the very popular underground rapper FLER followed. Over the years TONY D, HARRIS and G-HOT completed the roster. Currently 6 artists are under the independent label. AGGRO BERLIN started releasing their label samplers “Aggro Berlin Ansage Nr 1, 2 & 3” featuring the Aggro artists and underground rappers from Berlin. They got mad props from the Berlin underground rap scene and the label´s name was the talk of town. In winter 2003 AGGRO BERLIN released the video clip of the track “Weihnachtssong” featuring SIDO who performed in a Santa Claus costume with a skull mask. The video clip with its controversial lyrics and scenes went on heavy rotation on all German music channels and within a short time AGGRO BERLIN began to attract the interest of hip hop heads beyond the Berlin scene. The video clip put the label on the map and marked the beginning of the label´s success story. In 2004 SIDO´s first single release “Mein Block” became the rap anthem of the year. Shortly after that SIDO peaked at No. 3 of the German album charts with his album “Maske”. Not at any time had an independent German label entered the album charts at such a high position. The album sold more than 100.000 copies in less than a month. The album garnered massive critical acclaim. Quote of the magazine ROLLING STONE:“The best album in the history of German rap”. The success story continued in summer 2004 when SIDO received the popular music award “COMET – NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR” from the leading German music channel VIVA TV. More awards and nominations followed for the AGGRO BERLIN camp including the “GOLDEN BRAVO OTTO” - BEST NATIONAL RAP ACT for SIDO from Germany´s most read youth magazine Bravo and SIDO´s ECHO nominations, Germany´s most important music award. AGGRO BERLIN banged out track after track taking the charts by storm, they received 3 gold albums for their album releases with each album selling over 100.00 copies and became the No. 1 independent rap label in Germany though the music industry has been facing dropping sales over the past years.

By now AGGRO BERLIN is known by everybody in the industry and they get love from the underground as well as the mainstream fans in Germany. AGGRO BERLIN´s hit-making ability, first-class beat productions, hot video clips and roster of dope German MCs also has an impact on international hip hop scenes. Even though non-German speaking rap fans don´t understand a word they still feel the AGGRO style especially when they watch the dope video clips. Even 50 CENT had to admit that AGGRO BERLIN´s style is off the hook. During a stay in Germany 50 requested an AGGRO BERLIN video clip at a German MTV show. One of the hottest US rap stars Juelz Santana made a track with FLER in 2006 and caused a huge buzz in the US underground hip hop scene. 2007 FLER will continue doing international collabos. For his mixtape AIRMAX MUZIK he teamed up with the Drama King DJ KAYSLAY who hosts his tape. More collabos between Aggro and international artists will follow.

In October and November 2006 AGGRO BERLIN released their dvd “Aggro Videos Part 1”, Fler´s cd “NDW 2005” and Fler´s hit single “Gangzta Mucke” feat Juelz Santana in the USA. Since November above mentioned Aggro releases are available at US retailers nationwide. The well-known US distributor Caroline Distribution from New York is in charge of the distribution.

AGGRO BERLIN was featured in important nationwide US music magazines like XXL (October 06 issue) and URB Magazine (November 06 issue). also wrote an article about AGGRO in September 2006. American media was really curious about the label´s story. More US media outlets will follow and write stories.

Furthermore AGGRO BERLIN artists like FLER and SIDO represent American brands like MISKEEN and ALGIERZ in Europe. After introducing the label to the American market in 2006 AGGRO BERLIN will continue to reach fans in the US but will also hit other countries with their music.


Artists currently signed under the label: Sido, B-Tight, Tony D, G-Hot, Fler and Kitty Kat are currently under the label.


  • (Album) A.i.d.S. - Das Mic und Ich (2001) The Mic and Me
  • (Album) Royal TS - Alles ist die Sekte: Album Nr. 3 (2002) Everything is the sect
  • (Sampler) Ansage Nr. 1 (2002) Announcement No. 1
  • (Album) Sonny Black & Frank White - Carlo, Cokxxx, Nutten (2002) Carlo, kokain, prostitutes
  • (Album) B-Tight - Der Neger (in mir) (2002) The Nigger (in me)
  • (Sampler) Ansage Nr. 2 (2003) Announcement No.2 (*)
  • (Single) Bushido - Bei Nacht (2003) At night
  • (Album) A.i.d.S. - Garnich so schlimm (2003) Really not so bad
  • (Album) Bushido - Vom Bordstein bis zur Skyline (2003) From curbstone to the skyline (*)
  • (Single) Bushido - Gemein wie 10 (2003) Mean like 10
  • (Sampler) Ansage Nr. 3 (2003) Announcement No. 3 (*)
  • (Single) Sido - Mein Block (2004) My Block
  • (Album) Sido - Maske (2004) Mask (*)
  • (Single) Sido - Arschficksong (2004) Assfucksong
  • (Single) Sido - Fuffies im Club (2004) Fuffies in the Club
  • (Single) Fler - Aggroberlina (2004)
  • (DVD) Aggro Ansage Nr.1 (2004) Announcement No. 1
  • (Sampler) Ansage Nr. 4 (2004)(*) Announcement No.4
  • (Single) Sido - Mama ist stolz (2005) Mum is proud
  • (Single) Sido - Mama ist stolz (Punkrock-Version) (2005)
  • (Single) Fler - NDW 2005 (2005)
  • (Album) Fler - Neue Deutsche Welle (2005) New German Wave
  • (Mixtape) BTight & Tony D - Heisse Ware (2005) Hot stuff
  • (Single) Deine Lieblingsrapper - Steh wieder auf (2005) Stand up again
  • (Album) Deine Lieblingsrapper - Dein Lieblings Album (2005) Your favorite Album
  • (Single) Fler - Nach eigenen Regeln/Aggro (2005) By his own rules
  • (Sampler) Ansage Nr. 5 (2005) Announcement No. 5
  • (Album) Sido - MaskeX (2005)
  • (Album) Fler - Neue Deutsche Welle Premium Edition (2005)
  • (Mixtape) Fler - F. L. E. R. 90210 (2006)
  • (Mixtape) MOK - Badboys (2006)
  • (Single) Sido feat. G-Hot - Wahlkampf (2006)
  • (Mixtape) Beathoavenz - Der Neue Standard (2006)
  • (DVD) Aggro Berlin - Aggro Videos Teil 1 (2006)
  • (Sampler) Aggro Ansage Nr. 4X (Re-edition) (2006) Announcement No. 4X
  • (Sampler) Aggro Ansage Nr. 3X (Re-edition) (2006) Announcement No. 3X
  • (Sampler) Aggro Ansage Nr. 2X (Re-edition) (2006) Announcement No. 2X
  • (Single) Fler - Papa ist zurück (2006) Daddy is back
  • (Album) Fler - Der Trendsetter (2006) The Trendsetter
  • (Single) Fler feat. Muhabbet - Cüs Junge (2006)
  • (Sampler) Aggro Ansage Nr. 5X (Re-edition) (2006) Announcement No. 5X
  • (EP) B-Tight - X-Tasy (2006)
  • (Mixtape) MOK - Badboys 2 (2006)
  • (Mixtape) G-Hot - Aggrogant (2006)
  • (Book) Sido - Ich Will Mein Lied Zurück (2006) I want my song back
  • (DVD) Fler - Der Trendsetter (2006) The Trendsetter
  • (Single) Sido - Straßenjunge (2006) Streetboy
  • (Single) Sido - Weihnachtssong (2006) Christmassong
  • (Album) Sido - Ich (2006) I


  • Fler - Hollywoodtürke
  • Fler & B-Tight - Du Opfer
  • G-Hot - E.K.O.(Du Opfer part2)
  • Fler - A.G.G.R.O Gee

(*: Added to the Index of the Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien