Almighty Infamous Outlaws

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Almighty Infamous Outlaws

Founded By Deandre “D-Sap” Smith

Years Active 2012–Present

Membership 170+

Ethnicity Mixed

Criminal Activities Street Tax, Prostitution, Home Invasion, Murder, Extortion, Street Protection, Illegal Gambling, Conspiracy, Loan Sharking, Money Laundering, Drug Trafficking, Assault, and Street Fighting

Allies Players Gang, Alpine Families and Zoner Nation

Rivals Warriors Gang, Blue Tone, Mercy Street Families, Mayhem, Insane Paine, Dangerous House Posse, Casa and the Unknown's

The Almighty Infamous Outlaws are a street gang that are based around clicks that were once absorbed by Mercy Street Families. Having enough Deandre “D-Sap” Smith leader of the Solo's called a meting on the edge of 2 Tone territory. The groups that showed up were the Nightmares, 2 Tones, Solos, and the Westside Family. Deandre convinced most of the members to reestablish themselves as well as start they're own branch. With many members of the much larger Mercy Street Families facing indictments Deandre used this time to shift alliances to the Alpine Families and Player gang. Both parties backed the Solo's to start they're own branch. With the blessing of the Hoodlums they were sanctioned in as a Cabin holder. The Solo's would use the Zoner Nation ranks to establish the Almighty Infamous Outlaws. In doing this they've gained many enemies that out number them 5 to 1.


  • Solo Outlaws
  • 2 Tone Outlaws
  • Nightmare Outlaws
  • Original Southside Gangster Outlaws