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The Armadda Regime, aka "The Royal Family", is an underground rap group/street movement based in Lakewood, Washington aka "Armaddaville". The group is known for their lyrical skills and variety of styles. Members of the Armadda Regime include Prince Ellemaj "The Ripper", Biggunz, Doc Philly, D-Beatz, B.Widdle, A.C, Flip, Mercy Rule,and many other affiliates.

The movement was started by childhood friends Prince Ellemaj, Biggunz, and Doc Philly in 2000 while they attended Iva Alice Mann middle school in Lakewood, Washington together.. The crew began to make a name for themselves locally by freestyling on cassette tapes and playing their music in the classrooms during school and at the neighborhood parks. In 2003 the group planned to put Lakewood on the map and be known as the pride of their town by making music that everybody could feel. The year 2005 marked the resurface of the Armadda Regime movement with the addition of A.C, D-Beatz, and other artists to the camp. With the long wait for an official Armadda Regime mixtape floating around, the group has become the most anticipated and talked about young artist to come from the Lakewood circuit. 2006 is the year of "Armaddaville" and the Armadda Regime is sure to bring the heat with group mixtapes and solo projects from A.R artist in the works.

The Armadda Regime is currently working on the group mixtape "Welcome to Armaddaville vol.1".

  • The name "Armadda" is taken from the medieval latin word "armada" which is defined as a large group of moving things.
  • "Regime" is defined as a government in power; administration.

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